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Chinese Actors in ‘Star Wars’ Movies and TV Shows

If there was any franchise that showcased the many variations life-forms can come in, it’s Star Wars. It comes as no surprise that a number of actors that represented the characters in the series were Chinese. Here are some of the Chinese actors who appeared in the Star Wars galaxy across all films and the TV shows in all sorts of roles — big and small.

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4 LGBTQ Emperors of China

Homosexuality was common among royals in ancient China. The first two centuries of the Han dynasty were ruled by emperors who were “openly bisexual,” as they still had a wife, according to the scholarly paper, “In Han Dynasty China, Bisexuality was the Norm,” and the book, Passions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China by Bret Hinsch. Here are some of the emperors who were in a same-sex relationship.

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What You Need to Know About Ting Hun, the Chinese Engagement Ceremony

Growing up Chinoy, I’m sure we’ve heard about ting huns and even been to a few of them in our lifetime. It’s an engagement announcement and a celebration for the spouses-to-be that entails a lot of preparation and offerings from both sides. But why do we celebrate it and is this tradition more Chinese or Filipino now?

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