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Kun-Kun Blanket Business: Bringing Comfort Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has left us seeking comfort now more than ever. Due to prolonged community quarantine, we want the things in our house to make us happy, give us peace of mind, and provide comfort. The sisters behind the brand, kun-kun, realized this and quickly worked on providing blankets to soothe and provide you with a restful sleep after a stressful day of work or school.

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Things Non-Traditional Chinoys Still Find Useful

If you’re even the tiniest bit Chinese, there are Chinese traditions you can’t escape: Chinese New Year, the Mooncake Festival, birthday noodles, or even fireworks. Whether or not you follow these traditions, there may be some things of Chinese origins that you still find useful in your daily life.Here are some things that even non-traditional Chinoys may find helpful.

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