10.10 finds to add to your cart that these Chinoy creators approve

Are we the only ones who always wait for the shopping recommendations of our favorite content creators a day or two before the monthly sale? 

Suppose you’re like us, who seek honest reviews and approval from various vlogs of some personalities we’re following. In that case, you’re in for a treat as we give you five items we have seen on the vlogs of Chinoy creators Ashley Yap, Hazel Quing, Jessica Yang, Slater Young, and Kryz Uy, which they all swear by.

And the best part? They’re all available in Lazada so that you can add to your cart and checkout just in time for the 10.10 sale!

Realme Book Laptop (P37,990)

If you need a sign to get that much-needed laptop upgrade, here it is! In Ashley Sandrine Yap’s latest vlog, she expresses how much she loves the Realme Book Laptop because it’s lightweight, which is a perfect companion for when you’re traveling. 

According to Ashley, it’s the perfect Macbook Pro dupe which retails for only P37, 990. In addition, it comes in two colors—silver and blue—which are now both exclusively available in Lazada.

Patton Lounge Cropped Top (P1,317)

The first time this writer had seen this comfortable-looking cropped top from Jessica Yang, she just had to get a piece for herself, and fortunately, it did not disappoint. It’s as comfortable as it looks, and true to its name, it’s really perfect for lounging at home (where we spend most of our time anyway!)

Patton Studios is a relatively new ready-to-wear brand by Chinoy fashion designer Patty Ang.

Commonlabs Vitamin E Ampoule (P1391)

Even though baby Scottie has taken almost all of Kryz’s content on social media lately, the OG fashion and beauty vlogger still doesn’t miss giving us honest reviews of some of the latest beauty and skincare products. 

In this vlog, Kryz shares her most recent favorite serum, the Commonlabs Vitamin E Ampoule. If you’ve had dry skin lately, this serum will definitely help you out. According to Kryz, Commonlabs is a skincare brand in Korea that specializes in vitamin skincare depending on the skin’s needs. 

Bosch Easy Aquatak Pressure Washer (P3,627)

We love Slater because his content is the total opposite of his wife’s, but in a good way! In Kryz’s, you’ll see kitchen recipes, non-stop Scottie cuteness, and all things beauty. On the other hand, in Slater’s YouTube channel, you can find different tools and tech finds that are very useful in maintaining, organizing, and fixing stuff at home. 

If you watch Slater’s vlogs, you would know that a pressure washer is one of the tools that he can never live without. In this vlog, Slater tried out some common and not so common ways to use the Bosch Easy Aquatak pressure washer.

Deerma Vacuum Cleaner (P1,199)

If you’re following the weekly vlogs of Hazel Quing, you should know by now that she has moved out of her parent’s home and started living on her own. After months of planning and decorating the space she now calls her own, the first thing she got was a Deerma vacuum cleaner to keep her condo neat. 

According to Hazel, the Deerma DX118C is the perfect vacuum for when you’re living in a condo because it’s portable and it doesn’t break the bank despite its high quality.

What’s your shopping list for 10.10? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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