10 C-Dramas to watch out for in 2022

2022 has long kicked into gear, so it’s only natural that we start rolling out our list of Chinese dramas to watch out for the year. From martial art-filled fantasies to modern slice-of-life dramas, check out what shows C-drama fans are all excitedly waiting for!


Legend of Anle (安乐传)

Dilraba Dilmurat and Gong Jun are some of the hottest stars that have dominated the 2021 Chinese entertainment scene, so it’s no surprise that fans have been highly anticipating this historical romance! Adapted from the web novel The Emperor’s Book by Xing Ling, The Legend of Anle delves deep into the sad and touching story of Di Ziyuan, whose entire family was massacred after being falsely accused of treason. In order to seek revenge, she enters the imperial court under the name Ren Anle and becomes acquainted with Han Ye, the compassionate crown prince of the kingdom. 

Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Gong Jun
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episode Count: 40
Streaming Platform: Youku


Love Like the Galaxy (星汉灿烂)

Despite what its title implies, Love Like the Galaxy isn’t actually about a romance set in outer space. But that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Headlined by Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi, who have reunited from last year’s hit series The Long Ballad, this historical drama follows Cheng Shaoshang, a pragmatic and insecure girl who grows up estranged from her family after her parents leave to fight for a war. Lacking experience in love, Cheng Shaoshang is then faced with three men as options to be her future husband: the emperor’s son Ling Buyi, the talented Yuan Shen of Bailu Mountain, and the noble-born Lou Yao. 

Cast: Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political
Episode Count: 40
Streaming Platform: WeTV


The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教)

Truth be told, The Oath of Love is actually supposed to be one of last year’s most anticipated dramas, but some scheduling conflicts have led to delays in its release. Adapting another web novel titled Entrust the Rest of My Life to You by Bo Lin Shi Jiang, this modern drama is bound to warm everyone’s hearts with a sweet romance!

When Lin Zhixiao prepares for her university graduation, she has everything in life planned out in what looks like a promising start to her career as a budding cellist. However, everything falls apart when her father is hospitalized due to cancer. After giving up her plans to work abroad and breaking up with her boyfriend, Lin Zhixiao finds herself spending more time with Gu Wei, her father’s attending physician. 

Cast: Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi
Genre: Modern, Romance, Music, Drama
Episode Count: 29
Streaming Platform: WeTV


The Blue Whisper (驭鲛记之与君初相识)

This S+ drama (read: a series that features the biggest names, budget, and expectations) is drawing attention not only because of its strong cast but also because of its unique premise, which depicts the romance between a female demon master and a merman! As a talented demon master, Ji Yunhe is initially commanded by Princess Shunde to tame the merman Changyi. However, as Yunhe slowly becomes closer to him, she eventually faces a tough choice of who to set free: Changyi or herself. 

Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Ren Jialun
Genre: Xianxia, Romance
Episode Count: 30
Streaming Platform: Youku


Lighter and Princess (打火机与公主裙)

We stand by the belief that every great drama rec list must contain a campus youth drama. For 2022, this well-loved genre offers Lighter and Princess. Here, Zhu Yun’s start to her university life is disturbed by the programming genius and local bad boy Li Xun. Although the two initially have their differences, they both grow to appreciate each other’s talents and fall in love. Unfortunately, nothing good truly lasts! Just as they start their lives together, a life-changing accident occurs and Li Xun is sent to jail. 

Cast: Chen Feiyu, Zhang Jingyi
Genre: Modern, Romance, Youth, School
Episode Count: 36
Streaming Platform: Youku


The Longest Promise (玉骨遥)

Based on the novel Zhu Yan by Cang Yue, The Longest Promise revolves around the teacher-disciple love story of the exiled royal prince Shi Ying and the tribal princess Zhu Yan. Because his mother was framed for a crime, Shi Ying was banished to cultivate on Jiu Yi Mountain, where he eventually takes Zhu Yan as his student. Over time, he develops feelings for her but does not reveal them due to their relationship, which is eventually tested by several challenges of life and death. 

Cast: Xiao Zhan, Ren Min
Genre: Xianxia, Romance
Episode Count: 50
Streaming Platform: WeTV


Checkmate (民国大侦探)

Maybe you want to switch up some genres and indulge in some Sherlock Holmes-esque mysteries instead? Based on Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot novels, this Republican-era detective series tells the story of Situ Yan, a young lawyer who is dismissed from his post in Peking for staying true to his principles. When he moves to Harbin to become a detective, he inevitably befriends the wealthy Luo Shaochuan and the daring lady Zhou Mowan. Together, they uncover a huge conspiracy. 

Cast: Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Xinyu
Genre: Republican, Mystery, Thriller
Episode Count: 24
Streaming Platform: iQIYI


Till the End of the Moon (长月烬明)

Not for the faint of heart, Till the End of the Moon offers all the angsty goodness of a high fantasy time-traveling drama that details 500 years of tragic romance. In order to save the world from the evil clutches of a demon lord, Li Susu travels 500 years into the past and incarnates as the mortal woman Ye Wuxi, who turns out to be married to the future cause of the world’s misery, Tantai Jin. Although she is initially determined to destroy Tantai Jin, she falls in love and instead uses her life to change his destiny. Heartbroken, Tantai Jin spends the next 500 years searching for Li Susu’s soul.

Cast: Luo Yunxi, Bai Lu
Genre: Xianxia, Romance, Time Travel
Episode Count: 40
Streaming Platform: Youku


She and Her Perfect Husband (爱的二八定律)

Modern romances with an older woman-younger man dynamic now seem to be the trend for many of 2022’s Chinese (and Korean) dramas! With fans cheering for the main leads’ amazing chemistry, this series offers a look into the lives of elite lawyer Qin Shi and resident homebody Yang Hua, who somehow find themselves forced into marriage. Although the decision to marry was impulsively made, both Yang Hua and Qin Shi unexpectedly find true love in each other and happily begin their journey together as husband and wife. 

Cast: Yang Mi, Xu Kai
Genre: Modern, Romance, Family
Episode Count: 40
Streaming Platform: WeTV


Who Rules the World (且试天下)

Seasoned C-drama fans know! There is nothing more classic than a love story unfolding in the chaos of the martial arts world. Adapted from Qing Ling Yue’s novel of the same name, Who Rules the World features the romantic tale of enemies becoming lovers in the midst of war. For ten years, the handsomely elegant Feng Lanxi and the majestically unrestrained Feng Xiyun faced each other from opposite sides of the battlefield, only to realize their feelings for each other after a great battle. 

Cast: Yang Yang, Zhao Lusi
Genre: Wuxia, Historical, Romance
Episode Count: 40
Streaming Platform: WeTV


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