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10 Chinese MVs that hit more than 100 million views in YouTube

When we say Chinese music we always think of Teresa Teng’s 月亮代表我的心, Wakin Chau’s 朋友, and many more other Chinese songs that we grew up listening to. But aside from that do you know more Chinese songs other than these?

Featuring several singers that are well known for their singles and albums all over Asia, here are 10 Chinese songs/MandoPop that has hit more than 100 million views on Youtube! (List as of October 6, 2020)

1. 119M 修煉愛情 by JJ Lin 林俊傑

JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer and songwriter who started his musical career last 2003 with his debut album Music Voyager. He is known for Mandopop, Dance-pop, and Chinese rock and has garnered three Golden Melody Awards namely Best New Artist and two Best Mandarin Male Singer.

2. 120M 有點甜 by Silence Wang 汪蘇瀧 ft. BY2 

Although this song was released in 2013, it again became popular when this song was played two years ago as an OST for the hit drama Love 020. Silence Wang is a Chinese Singer that has already published eight albums with different genres like hip-hop, rap, and contemporary pop.

3. 136M 不該by Jay Chou ft. A-Mei

A collaboration with two Taiwanese legends in the field of Mandopop must be a blessing to our ears! This song was released last 2016 and has already got 136M views already.

4. 143M 你,好不好? by Eric 周興哲

I doubt it that you don’t know this song from Eric Chou since every heartbroken Asian person would play this song! Even when you are reading the title you can already hear his voice. Eric is known for his ballad and heartbreaking songs about love and friendship.

5. 147M Twilight by JJ Lin 林俊傑

This song is the highest viewed music video of JJ Lin holding a record of 147 Million views. I believe that you have already heard this song playing in Chinese cafes and Chinese Grocery stores.

6. 164M  我的歌声里 by Wanting 曲婉婷

People just love songs about heartbreak and love even if they’re not heartbroken! Well, what’s wrong with listening to those if the song is just so good? This song from Wanting has released 8 years ago has made 164 Million views already.

7. 168M 以後別做朋友 by Eric周興哲

This Taiwanese singer really deserves the title ‘King of the Lovelorn People.’ Another ballad from Eric Chou that had touched our hearts with his song The Distance of Love making this the most viewed music video of Eric!

8. 171M演員 by Joker Xue 薛之謙

If you love the sound of the base or deep voices then you should definitely listen to this song! Joker Xue is one of the most-streamed Mandopop artists on Spotify and this song is also his most streamed!

9. 214M  告白氣球by Jay Chou

This song from the legendary Mandopop singer has always been recommended by people who are wanting to learn Chinese. Jay Chou is known for his unique musical style whereas most of his works fall under contemporary R&B, rap, and other rock genres and got him the term ‘Chou Style.’ He even fuses traditional Chinese instruments and styles to his songs and formed a new genre called Zhongguo Feng. Jay Chou is the King of Mandopop indeed.

10. 224M光年之外 by G.E.M. 

Being the first female Chinese singer with three music videos that reached 100 million views on Youtube, this Hong Kong singer and songwriter is still dominating the industry of Chinese music! She is also the most followed female Chinese singer on Spotify.

Although there are more songs that have surpassed 100 million views on Youtube, these songs have outshined them the most and have made a mark on our Asian hearts. Which of these songs is your favorite?

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