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10 Chinese Street Food You Need To Try After The Pandemic

Recently, a Taiwanese street food vendor, Wu Huang-yi, gained a spot on Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list for his famous pork belly buns.

Imagine biting into that bun, just pure happiness for our stomachs. (Image obtained from

Although we cannot travel there to taste this delicious-looking bun and other local delicacies, some are already planning their itineraries once restrictions are lifted.

Whether you are heading to China or Taiwan, here’s a variety of street food that might satisfy your palettes as you wander around the city.

1) Tanghulu (Beijing, China) 

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Tanghulu is the perfect mixture of a sweet and healthy snack. It is a fruit kebab covered in hardened sugar syrup, which can be found in China’s northern parts, typically during winters.

2) Deep-Fried Insects (Beijing, China) 

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If you are a daredevil, you may opt to push your limits and try one of these deep-fried insects. There are different kinds of insects available, like silkworms, scorpions, and dung beetles!

3) Peanut Ice Cream Roll (New Taipei City, Taiwan) 

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Taiwan is known for being the home for street food you can never expect, such as this peanut ice cream roll. This tasty treat contains taro ice cream, ground peanut candy, and fresh cilantro. 

4) Fried Taro Ball (Taipei, Taiwan) 

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Fried taro ball is the kind of street food that would make people line up. It has a “thin crisp crust, with the soft taro paste dough wrapped around savory pork floss and lava-like salted egg yolk.”

5) Rice Noodle Rolls (Guangzhou, China) 

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Rice noodle rolls is an iconic dish that is usually served as a snack, small meal, or dim sum and has different savory variations. You can choose to have either shrimp or any kind of meat, then top it off with some lettuce.

6) Black Sesame Soup (Guangzhou, China) 

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Soup does not always have to be served at the beginning of a meal. Try the fragrant black sesame soup dessert after you have finished filling up your stomach. Typically served hot, it contains black sesame seed, glutinous rice or glutinous rice flour, sugar, and water.

7) Rou Jia Mo (Shanghai, China) 

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We love our sandwiches. But instead of choosing that for a quick snack, you should try Rou Jia Mo, known as the burger of the East. It’s a pan-bake flatbread filled with chopped meat and vegetables.

8) Xiao Long Xia (Shanghai, China) 

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If you happen to visit Shanghai during the summer, you might have the chance to taste the best Xiao Long Xia, which translates to “miniature lobster.” It can be cooked in different ways, such as mixing it with chili and Tsingtao.

9) Sha Cha Mian (Xiamen, China) 

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Sha Cha Mian is one of the famous noodles that you can find in Xiamen noodle houses. This aromatic dish is made from Sacha sauce (a Chinese condiment) and pork or chicken bone soup. You may opt to add additional toppings like liver, tendon, kidney, and more.  

10) Stuffed Biscuits (Xiamen China) 

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You can not leave Xiamen without trying this stuffed biscuit made from sugar and pork. This is a flaky biscuit with an interior that includes peanut, green bean, red bean, and strawberry.

Which dish did you like the most? Comment it down below!

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