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10 Chinese Variety And Reality Shows You Should Watch

The increasing popularity of Chinese Dramas in recent years has led the entertainment industry in China to not only produce dramas, but also TV shows as well. Since 2012, Chinese TV shows have been flourishing and are expected to produce more in the years to come. Thus, more and more of our favorite Chinese stars are participating in various tv shows in order to increase exposure, which in turn has brought a lot of fans to the show. Not only that, TV shows allow the viewers and fans to see the interesting and different side of the stars. Usually, TV shows are largely unscripted since it usually involves games and teamworks which results in a relaxed and funny atmosphere, making people feel happy after watching it. 

Check out these 10 interesting Chinese TV shows! 


1) Fourtry – 潮流合夥人

Five celebrity “partners” embark on a journey to Tokyo, Japan  to  operate a pop-up store in the heart of Shibuya called  “FOURTRY” . The aim of this reality tv program is to promote Chinese designers as well as the trend in fashion and streetwear.  In this show, the viewers will also be able to see these five celebrities’ take on fashion and trending culture. They are also challenged to reach a specific sales goal within 30 days.

2) Beautiful Youth – 青春的花路

Beautiful Youth is a reality show featuring seven cast members who embark on a journey in New Zealand through a camper van in 20 days. They traveled through 14 cities, stayed in 15 campgrounds and encountered numerous beautiful sceneries along the way. During this trip, the casts are only given “just enough” amounts of funds in which they should properly allot for food, housing , transportation, as well as for unexpected situations along the way.

3) Keep Running Season 8- 奔跑吧

Now on it’s eight season, Keep Running continues to be one of the most-sought after interactive reality show programs produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV. The show invites popular guests in each episode who participates and accomplishes different outdoor activities. Each of their missions always involves running, hence the title.

4) Go Fighting Season 6- 極限挑戰

Go Fighting is an interactive reality show program produced by Oriental Satellite TV. The current season features six fixed cast with occasional guests who will engage in an outdoor sports challenge in each episode. Each episode is given a theme or story which allows the viewers to not only enjoy and have fun watching, but also learning a lesson.


5) Great Escape Season 2-  密室大逃脫

In each episode, six celebrity players enter an escape room of different themes and work together to escape. Each escape room involves testing the player’s intelligence, creativity, decision-making and team work. By observing the player’s  behavioral performance in each episode, viewers are also engaged to brainstorm.


6) I Want to Live Like This – 我要這樣生活

Another variety show produced by IQIYI, I Want to Live Like This is an observational variety show wherein three fixed hosts will observe and discuss about the lives of the guests who are living alone. By watching a glimpse of the celebrity’s life, the viewers are able to see and realize the beauty of living alone. This show has also prompted the guests to become more responsible and grown-up.

7) Happy Camp – 快樂大本營

The longest running variety show in China, Happy Camp is a variety game show program produced by Hunan Satellite TV which is hosted by five prominent hosts. Since its launch in 1997, Happy Camp continues to be one of the most influential and well-loved variety shows in China. Each episode, the program invites various guests to participate in games and other programs such as  singing, dancing, and music.

8) Let’s Sacalaca – 夏日沖浪店 

One of the newest variety shows for the second half of 2020 is Let’s Sacalaca. This show features four fixed casts who will learn surfing at the same time operating a summer surf shop in Hainan for 21 days. Let’s Sacalaca aims to show the viewers the surfing culture in Hainan as well as taking the initiative and responsibility to protect the ocean. 

9) Youth Periplous Season 2- 青春環遊記 

Youth Periplous is a cultural tourism exploration variety show produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV. The program, through the guests,  travels together, and focuses on the theme of  “City is proud of people”.  It specifically describes the history and humanities of different cities, highlighting the long history and profoundness of Chinese culture.

TALK SHOW (脫口秀) 

10) Go Fridge Season 6 – 拜託了冰箱

Go Fridge is a celebrity food talk show launched by Tencent Video who bought the rights from the South Korean television series “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”. In every episode, the show invites 2 guests who bring along their refrigerator in which the hosts, He Jiong and GOT7 Jackson Wang sit down and talk about their lives and food. The show also features 6 chefs in which 2 chefs use their ingredients from the guest’s refrigerator for a 15-minute creative cooking showdown.

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