10 new C-Dramas to binge-watch on iQiyi

One of Asia’s entertainment streaming leaders, iQiyi, recently announced new Chinese titles featuring top-tier creators and talents in today’s Chinese entertainment scene. So, if you’re on the lookout for new Chinese dramas to add to your watchlist, then you clicked on the right article! 

If you already have the iQiyi app, here are 10 new Chinese series available on the platform:

Crossroad Bistro

Legendary director Feng Xiaogang returns to the TV series 25 years later and delivers “Crossroad Bistro.” The director cooks up a finely woven story surrounding five women of different backgrounds and personalities who open up a restaurant together when life is not going anywhere.  Their lives soon progress in various ways as they work together and operate the restaurant.

Make A Wish 

Ren You Lun plays Chi Yan,  a bookstore owner, and is a celibate “Buddhist Youth” who happens to save a beautiful girl named Xiao Xiu disguised as a cat who came from a parallel world known as Meow Planet.  To go back to her home planet, Xiao Xiu must grant Chi Yan a wish. This soon creates a problem and a ton of hilarious moments since Chi Yan does not wish for anything more.  

Summer Again

The story features a transfer student Tong Xi (played by Ni Kexin) going back to her hometown due to her mother’s work where she again encounters her childhood crush Lin Nanyi (played by Chen Heyi) and her best friend Tao Zhu (played by Zhang Yinuo). 

Unforgettable Love

In this urban romance, meticulous child counselor Qin Yiyue (Hu Yixuan) and the rational yet cold CEO of He Group (Miles Wei) overcome initial misunderstandings as they get to know each other more and are thrust into situations they need to resolve together.  

Coming soon on iQiyi:

The Ideal City

Over 600,000 viewers have registered their interests in the series on iQiyi, where highest-rating actress Sun Li portrays another career woman in “The Ideal City” and explores the reality of having an architectural business in China with Mark Chao.  Award-winning actor Yu Hewei and former Rocket Girls 101 member Yang Chaoyue will also star in the series.

Chang’an Memories

In the historical series Chang’an Memories, the female protagonist with memories from her past life reunites with the male protagonist. Zhou Shengchen (played by Ren Jialun, also known as Allen Ren) is a winning warrior on the battlefield and has pledged loyalty to his country all his life. Cui Shiyi (played by Bai Lu) is the only daughter in the family assigned to marry the prince when she was born. However, their love is doomed to face incredible challenges.

Once Given Never Forgotten 

Once Given Never Forgotten is a romance story with a ten-year age gap between a 10-year old, sick girl and a bereaved young man whose girlfriend died and donated her cornea to the 10-year old girl.  The two eventually get to know each other better while trying to suppress growing affections for each other. 

Out of the Dream

One of the highly-anticipated titles, actors Yao Chi plays a singer/performer/cosplayer who produces theater based on animation, and Chen Yusi plays a traditional Peking opera performer. Can their love overcome cultural and artistic differences?

Ferryman: The Legends of Nanyang 

The Soul Ferry franchise produces an overseas version, Ferryman: The Legends of Nanyang.  Set at the backdrop of the unique, mysterious ambiance in Southeast Asia. The horror-thriller stars renowned actors from Singapore and Malaysia, including Lawrence Wong, Qi Yu Wu, and Kate Kinney.

Who is The Murderer 

A mind-blowing mystery that tries to unveil the truth where Zhao Liying plays a mysterious psychologist and delivers an impressive performance. After being dormant for 16 years, stakeholders in an unresolved serial killer case all hold unspeakable secrets and wait for the truth to emerge. It also stars Xiao Yang ang Dong Zijian. 

Have you seen any of these C-Drama titles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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