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10 Uniquely Amazing Flavors of Snacks in China

As someone who once traveled to China and developed a sudden craving for some potato chips, I can firmly say that I spent way too long a time pacing through the grocery aisles. After all, not one of the flavors of my favorite chips brands looked familiar to me! Cucumber-flavored chips? Spicy cookies? How could this be?!

If you’re intrigued, we’ve gathered some of the quirkiest flavors of popular chips, cookies, and other snacks that have been produced in China. Check them out here:

1. Cucumber (Lay’s)

We can imagine cucumber water, but cucumber-flavored Lay’s is another thing altogether! Though cucumber itself is a seemingly bland vegetable, its subtle flavor has made this chips variant pretty popular on shelves in China. 


2. White Rabbit (Lay’s)

Everyone’s favorite childhood candy has been revived through ice cream, milk tea, cookies, and more, but we bet you didn’t think that chips would be a part of this milky sweet craze! 


3. Durian (Lay’s)

This pungent flavor is not for everyone, but adventurous spirits and durian lovers will definitely want to add this to their wishlist!


4. Stir Fry (Doritos)

三杯鸡 literally means “three cups of chicken,” which makes for a savory and salty experience for all to enjoy.


5. BBQ Steak (Pringles)

Have you ever wanted to get some instant beef ramen powder and just sprinkle it onto your Pringles? Yum!


6. Lychee Rose (Oreo)

These sweet floral-scented cookies are pretty picture-perfect with their distinct pink filling. This Oreo variant is part of the China Six Flavor set, which represents snacks that were used to serve royalty in the past. 


7. Hot Chicken Wings (Oreo)

Salty, sweet, and spicy! This intriguing flavor combination in Oreo’s creamy orange-colored filling may be for those who want something umami with their cookies, but fair warning: the grease may be a strange addition for others. 


8. Wasabi (Oreo)

Imagine the sharp zing of wasabi concentrated sandwiched between two cookie biscuits, and you’ll get this! One critic on Medium described the light green filling to be “chocolatey, salty, spicy, and [having] a milky flavor to it,” which is definitely an interesting assessment to have.


9. Pepper & Grapefruit (Hershey’s)

While fruits and chocolate have long been a traditional combination, pepper and chocolate as a pair have also recently been in vogue! Combine all of these together, and you get this feast for your senses: sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy — everything is for your tastes to behold.   


10. Salt Lemonade (Hershey’s)

Salty chocolate is perfect for those who want that sweet-salty balance. Add in some lemon, and that hint of acidity might just make everything a little more special!  


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