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11.11 Shopping Festival: A Gift Guide For The Holidays

Have you ever wondered what’s the best day to buy your holiday gifts? 

Well, why not give the year’s biggest sale day a shot! 11.11 is fast approaching with amazing deals and discounts that you don’t want to miss. Tracing its roots back to China, the world’s largest annual shopping festival first came to be as a celebration of singlehood, with the date itself being popularly referred to as Singles’ Day. November 11, to put it simply, is the perfect day to go on an all-out therapeutic shopping spree.  

Naturally, with the recent boom of online shopping here in the Philippines, it’s not at all surprising to see rapidly growing platforms like Shopee and Lazada adopt the holiday, especially when it’s so close to the Christmas season. And that’s what this online gift guide is for! For all those excitedly scrambling to add holiday gift ideas to their cart, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our 11.11 shopping recs below:


Acrylic Message Board Lamp (P125)

Have you ever wanted to write a literally glowing message for one of your loved ones? From luminous notes of I love you’s to doodled reminders of the next day’s errands, this acrylic lamp is certainly one heartwarming way to personalize a nightlight. 

Buy it on: Shopee


Desk Storage Boxes (P178)

Let us tell you now: This desk organizer definitely sparks joy! Take care of your (and your loved ones’) workspace by keeping it clean and tangle-free from chargers, wire cables, and other whatnots lying around your table. Productivity awaits!

Buy it on: Shopee


Lidded Cat Mugs (P265)

Honestly, who doesn’t love cats? If you’re looking for a fun option that allows you and your friends to show off a healthy feline appreciation while drinking your preferred caffeinated beverages, then this option is perfect for you!

Buy it on: Shopee 


Tala By Kyla: Language of Flowers Necklace (P299)

Simple, meaningful, and elegant, these floral necklaces are gorgeously thoughtful gifts that speak from the heart. The popular collection features several flowers that each come with their own special message: a rose for love, a daffodil for gratefulness, a lotus for encouragement, and many more. 

Buy it on: Shopee, Lazada


Merythod: Bling Chu Color Lip Balm (P346)

Won’t it be great if you have the power to gift people moisturized lips? Imbued with chamomile and damask rose extract, Merythod’s hydrating line of colored lip balm is one popular pick for those riding on the K-beauty wave!

Buy it on: Shopee, Lazada


Miniso: We Bare Bears Plushies (P349)

There’s no mistaking the fact that these iconic bears are ideal snuggle buddies! In our experience, it’s pretty hard to choose between Ice Bear, Panda, and Grizz, so we recommend getting all three to complete the set.

Buy it on: Shopee, Lazada (Panda), Lazada (Grizz), Lazada (Ice Bear)


Aquaflask: Insulated Cup (P650)

We’re sure that many of you agree: The ability to keep your beverage of choice very hot or very cold is definitely a gift sent by the heavens. That, of course, makes this Aquaflask insulated cup a gift idea that will probably never fail. 

Buy it on: Shopee, Lazada


Adidas: Adilette Aqua Slides (P1,080)

If there’s something we’re sure of, it’s that comfort is a universal gift. That’s why we’re making sure that a pair of slides are on the list! Whether it’s for strolling by the beach, the poolside, or your own living room floor, these Adidas Adilettes are a casually comfortable choice that never gets old. 

Buy it on: Shopee, Lazada



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