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20 years of Alaga with Silka Skincare

We’ve all been there. 

As Chinoys, we tend to have sensitive skin that can either burn or discolor easily. Whether it’s too much fun under the sun, or the leftover pigmentation from acne, pesky mosquito bites or even facial tone unevenness from commuting or driving, there comes a point when you need a solution. 

There are plenty of ways to correct these things. There are very expensive procedures at professional aesthetic clinics, there are also over-the-counter products, both topical and ingested. However, of the topical kind, many of these same products have active ingredients that can peel, cause discomfort, or worse yet, strip too much of our precious skin. 

But one product that can do all of these with regular use, and better yet without the sting/hapdi, is Silka

Already on its 20th year in the market, there’s no visit to a local drugstore or supermarket where you can’t find this ubiquitous and ultra affordable brand. Using the all-natural and skin-benefiting papaya, a fruit that is equally everywhere in the Philippines, those green and orange soap boxes that promise Alagang Silka, have been in the homes of millions of Filipinos, making it the no. 1 beauty soap brand in the country.

Speaking of millions, Silka is launching a one-of-a-kind promo, giving away P1 million to one lucky Silka buyer. To participate in this promo, a customer has to buy one of the specially marked Silka Orange or Green Papaya soaps in boxes and pouches, for a chance at this million-peso prize. Each box or pouch will have a unique promo code and you simply need to register it via SMS or Facebook Messenger. Don’t forget to keep those boxes though as well as proof of purchase.


Aside from the grand prize, 16 major winners will earn P50,000 each. Silka is also giving away P200 load daily, Lazada and Shopee vouchers as well as laptops and mobile phones. 

Stunning mother-and-daughter duo Sunshine and Angelina Cruz are the faces of Silka. The latter, who just turned 20 years old and is the eldest of Sunshine’s gorgeous brood, is a Dean’s Lister at De La Salle University-Manila. Mom Sunshine has been very proud of her, greeting her eldest with this message during her birthday, “My Angelina, I am blessed to have you in my life. You’ve always been patient to your sisters (I’m sure Chesca and Sam will agree with this), maayos mag-isip, napakabait! Now that you are 20, my wish for you is to reach whatever dreams you have. Know that your family will always be here to support you. I am so proud of you dahil lumaki kang hindi lang panlabas na anyo ang maganda kundi pati ang iyong puso ay maganda din.” And while her daughter is already at the cusp of womanhood, Sunshine, who has been using the product since 2013, continues to give Angelina alaga and motherly care through Silka.  


The Silka campaign was the first time that mother and daughter worked together in what is Angelina’s debut in a TV commercial. It showcased the “alaga” of Sunshine scored against the iconic song “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso” of Sunshine’s cousin and Angelina’s aunt, Donna Cruz.

Sunshine, herself a seasoned actress, was thrilled to coach and star with her own daughter. She gushed, “Mas magaling pa sa akin umiyak ang anak ko.” There are no tears though for Sunshine as she passes on Silka and her own message of women empowerment to her girls. Sunshine shares, “As a woman, I am not powerless. Women can choose and create their own destinies.”

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