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2021 Lucky Colors to Wear According to Your Chinese Zodiac

New year, new you! 

As the Lunar New Year approaches, it’s crucial to figure out what best brings fortune and good tidings into your life. To start out this new chapter of our lives on a more positive and fashionable note, we’re introducing 2021’s luckiest colors according to your Chinese zodiac!

Color is one of the most important expressions of the five zodiac elements, which include metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. For this upcoming Year of the Metal Ox, it makes sense then that the best colors to wear are those with metallic shades — white, gray, and silver. In addition to incorporating these colors in your outfits, you can also opt to accessorize with metallic jewelry. Not only are they said to bring you fortune but also your own brand of style!

Other lucky colors include those that call to mind the earth element (e.g. beige, light yellow, and terracotta). In accordance to the Five Elements Theory, earth precedes and leads to the creation of metal, making the two elements harmonious in nature. 

In contrast, Know Fengshui states that colors said to disagree with the Metal Ox zodiac are black, blue, green, brown, red, orange, and purple. (Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear them at all! Fortune is rarely ever set in stone, so make sure to take this all in good fun and with a grain of salt.)


Significance of Metal Ox Colors

In addition to being an indicator of fortune, colors also have their own individual meanings, which can be integrated in your personal life. 


Though the color is often associated with mourning in Chinese culture, white is also seen as a symbol of light, purity, and innocence.


This color is known for its ability sophistication and conservatism. Those who like gray are known to prefer leading lives that are safe, balanced, and stress-free. 


Associated with wealth, the moon, and femininity, silver is said to reflect the energy of its surrounding colors, making it ideal for sending forth the message of love, abundance, hope, and happiness. 


Zodiac Color Compatibility

Aside from these, each Chinese zodiac also has its own lucky colors. According to Fengshui Beginner, here are the best colors to surround yourself with in 2021: 

(If you aren’t sure yet with what yours is, you can check your animal sign here.)


  • Rat:  White, Yellow, Green (Unlucky: Pink)
  • Ox: White, Silver, Gold (Unlucky: Green)
  • Tiger: Blue, Gray (Unlucky: Black)
  • Rabbit: Gold, White, Yellow (Unlucky: Red)
  • Dragon: Green, Brown (Unlucky: Orange)
  • Snake: Yellow, Orange, Peach (Unlucky: Purple)
  • Horse: Red, Purple (Unlucky: Green)
  • Goat: Red, Orange (Unlucky: Blue)
  • Monkey: Gold, White, Blue (Unlucky: Red)
  • Rooster: Yellow, White, Gold (Unlucky: Purple)
  • Dog: Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple (Unlucky: Green)
  • Pig: Black, Gray, Blue (Unlucky: Red)


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