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22 Things You Understand If You’re Graceans

22 Things You Understand If You’re Gracean

Some say high school never ends. Graceans can attest to that as there are some things in a Gracean’s life that they can’t forget. Having a rich background from the fusion of the Christian values and the Chinese-Filipino education, there is still a lot more to know about this school aside from their mathletes, orchestras, and robotics team. More than Bible verses, math lessons and chorale competitions, we take these twenty-two wonderful memories with us even after we graduate:

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

If you have one song that you will take with you even after your Gracean life, it’s most likely your school hymn, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”. It’s hard to forget each verse when you sing that almost every time during your Gracean life. You are probably singing it in your head as you read this sentence.

You’re a walking hymnal

Students singing with their hymnals

Photo Courtesy from Grace Students

Aside from your school hymn, it’s almost impossible not to know any hymns. After all, you have a hymnal to go along with that memory. In fact, you can even sing some songs in Chinese. Some might have even memorized a few hymn numbers (not page numbers) in your hymnal. (i.e. 232 What A Friend)

English or Chinese only 

It’s strictly English or Chinese only unless you are reciting Panatang Makabayan or attending your Filipino class. Though, we can’t guarantee that we are fluent in both languages…most definitely not in tagalog. Graceans commonly say “We can understand, it’s just hard to converse.”

Creativity of Hiding Cellphones

Since cellphones are banned in school, texting with your phone in your pocket was a skill everyone knew (which was pretty easy before when all cellphones were in touchscreen). At one point in your Gracean life, you have probably thought of a creative way to hide your cellphones. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside your water jug, behind the blackboard, or on top of the bulletin boards, once word spreads that there will be a surprise inspection you already know what to do.

Official Gracean Socks

Girls could wear any length of socks as long as it did not go below one’s ankle. It was such an issue that in time, the school released its own official socks with the perfect length. Nowadays, an infringement form is the punishment if you are caught using non-grace socks.

A Beka Books

While some schools get the local books, Graceans grew up using the A Beka Books for Science, English and Literature. Those books are no joke to carry. As early as elementary, you have already been working out your arms just by carrying those books. (Sucks for you if you got hand-me-down abeka books hardbound for “protection”)

Weight Lifting. It’s more fun in Grace

Speaking of those heavy books, the only way to carry them around was with strollers, which you had to roll up the stairs via temporary wooden ramps with manong helping you pull them up (yes, they were THAT heavy) Thank God lockers were made available for high schoolers. Bookload is still the same though, if not more.

1+1=2 Math Subjects

As if one math is not enough to make your brain crack, Graceans have two math, ME (Math Enrichment) and IM (Integrated Math) in their high school subjects. Suffice to say, we being Asian manage to mostly ace math which makes our parents insanely proud. Here’s to hoping we use algebra and trigonometry in the grocery store one day.

Saturday Classes

When you think there is no more PE and Saturday activity, you can hear students coming to school in the wee hours of 7am to break some sweat in their assigned classes and sports. We Graceans can be thinking of words in a morning Scrabble class to playing basketball in the afternoon. It’s the definition of brains and brawn.

Multiple Tests in One Day

You’re either relaxing or cramming for all the tests scheduled which could range from one to seven tests a day. Either way, we Graceans are used to the fast-paced motion of our teachers to suddenly announce the next scheduled test or deadline. They could even change a deadline to a nearer date and we wouldn’t even be fazed.

Infringement Form

There are the warning slips, which students usually ignore, but then there is the infringement form and it is every Gracean’s worst nightmare. You can get this very frightening piece of paper if you wear an incomplete uniform (ex. Socks and ID), but the usual target of these forms is the boys. Once the grade level coordinator spots a boy with “long” hair, he is given mercy to go to the barbershop and have his haircut, but once she (grade level coordinator) sees him again, and he still has no haircut– say hello to the infringement form.

Mo Pit

The excruciating pain of doing one Tah Kai consisting of very hard (well, to us it is) chinese characters to write in Mo Pit class and inevitably having to restart because you mess up a stroke is too real. You either had to trace using the reference sheets they give you, pencil in the lines then fill it in later, or actually learn how to properly do it.

RoadTrip, Sprinkles, Shake Island, Tian Tian

Students in the canteen during their break

Photo Courtesy from Grace Students

Every Gracean has experienced the brutality of buying in RoadTrip as little kids will swoop in line and high schoolers will shove you aside to place their orders. But Sprinkles emerges as a saving grace (see what we did there?) for those mindful of their budget and seeking fewer people, offering a variety of options at a reasonable price. Whether it be morning or afternoon, you will see at least one Gracean holding a Shake Island cup as a way to cool off. The newest craze to hit the canteen of GCC is the Turon from Tian Tian. Every grade level will race their way to get their hands on the sweet treat.

Barrier between Elem and HS

When we were younger, there were two kinds of elementary students: those who were scared to go through the dark pathway and those who strut confidently, thinking they were cool as they made their way to the high school wing.

Class Pass

When you have to bring those letter-sized laminated class passes just to go to the bathroom. And they STILL want to know where you’re going. However, at the end of the school year, your class pass either ended up with a broken strap or missing. Sometimes, it somehow survived with a hole cut out with scissors to attach the strap back on.

No Prom/ Field Trips

Students selling and talking during the fair

Photo Courtesy from Grace Students

In recent years, Grace has implemented student-led fairs on the campus, where everyone is welcome to enjoy the delicious food and exciting games. However, it’s still a no-go for prom and field trips, and Graceans are forced to see the other school experience all the fun. But at least, you will get to catch up once you’re in college.

Graceans Can Be Competitive

Students who compete in quiz bees and tug of war

Photo Courtesy from Grace Students

Quiz Bees, Grace Got Talent, and Field Day are extremely important. You spend nights cramming every single information you need to know for the contest and countless rehearsals just to fix your choreography and harmonize yourself. The goal is to WIN (or at least beat the Star Section). Graceans can be quite competitive. There are competitions for writing, speeches, and even Chinese singing competitions across levels.

Badminton After Hours

Students playing badminton

Photo Courtesy from Grace Students

The bell rings and students finally run out in changed clothes to play some badminton on the lawn. It has gotten quite the hype that GCC had to issue a memo on specific rules to ensure that students stay safe while playing. It’s the perfect way to bond with other grade levels while waiting for someone to pick you up from school.

Chinese exams day

Every single grading period, there’s always that one dreaded Friday morning for Chinese exams. It signifies the start of more terrifying long exams to commence after a weekend of cramming all the many lessons. Good thing elementary students don’t have long exams for minor subjects before Chinese exam day.

Weeklong orientation

Students can expect orientation to be around a week long. It’s the calm before the storm being the amount of tests and homeworks that will tumble in after and a way for new students to adapt to their new environment. Just make sure to not cause trouble during the first few days and the school year will be smooth sailing from there.

A lot of fishes and trees

Plant life and koi pond at school

Photo Courtesy from Grace Students

Arriving at school, you will be able to see the fishes in the aquarium and the koi pond. Wherever you turn, there’s a lot of greenery to relax the mushed brains whether you’re in class or walking around during break. No matter how hot it is , they are all well taken care of by our hardworking janitors and maintenance people.

Beware of Sir Jay

Another person to be wary of is Sir Jay. He is the man behind the CCTVs and therefore can watch every Gracean’s move inside the classroom. As long as you can see the glaring red dot in the camera, you are being watched by Sir Jay. No one can escape him as once he catches you using your phone in the classroom or cheating, he will bring his handy-dandy iPad and stand outside your classroom like a hawk.

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