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3 Common Reactions of Chinese Parents After Telling Them You Have a ‘Howe’

When it comes to dating in Chinese culture, its important to let your parents know that youre already in a relationship. However, the reactions you may get from Chinese parents may be different compared to others.

Here are the 3 most common reactions the Chinese may get from their parents when they find out they already have a howe (boyfriend/girlfriend):


The supportive ones 

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Unlike in the movie, Crazy Rich Asians, when parents find out their child is in a relationship, most likely, they will be supportive. They may even tell you to bring your howe over because they want to meet him/her. They may also give you some advice on how to make the relationship last. This type of reaction is fairly common nowadays since most Chinoy parents are not as strict as before. 


The ones who will interrogate you

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Just like as shown in the movie, parents may interrogate you about your new howe. Its normal for parents to be curious about who their child is dating. As parents, they would want to know if that person will have a positive impact on the life of their son/daughter. This type of parent will ask basic questions, such as “Where did you meet?” andWhat school did he/she go to?” and many more. This can be deemed as negative by some, but parents asking these types of questions is normal, especially in Asian households. 


The ones who already know about it 

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Let’s not forget to mention the parents who “act surprised” when you tell them about your relationship, but they already knew you were dating someone. This could happen if one of them accidentally saw you on a date and didn’t bring it up after. Instead of bombarding you with multiple questions when you got home, they waited for you to tell them yourself when you’re ready. Usually, after telling them the “surprising” news, they will just ask basic questions about your partner

No matter what happens, parents usually want nothing but the best for their children. Regardless of their initial reactions, many parents will still be supportive and respect their child’s choice on who he/she dates, as long as it will not cause him/her any harm. 


Courtesy of IMDb


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