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3 Local Shops For Your Personal & Beauty Care Needs

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting livelihoods of all walks of life, CHiNOY TV kickstarted the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series to give an avenue for local businesses to be featured!

Today’s entry is for your personal and beauty care needs at home! From to skin smoothers to mosquito repellants to local beauty products, here are a few unique local products and shops that you can check out!

Angela Nicole Elpa started OrganiWax because she felt the need to look for ways to provide Cold wax that is not harsh on the skin and to get rid of the unwanted body hair effortlessly. She wanted to provide this product to people who have sensitive skin because she felt the struggle to find the “perfect” match for her skin type before discovering the effectivity of this kind of wax.

OrganiWax’s organic Hair Removal Cold Wax is great for skin care, especially for those with sensitive skin.

WHAT TO TRY: OrganiWax’s organic Hair Removal Cold Wax removes unwanted body hair and dead skin, diminish hair growth, and makes skin softer, smoother, and whiter. It’s also great for those with sensitive skin, plus no heating is required.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

When founder Margaux was teaching in 2015, she realized she kept spending on natural mosquito repellents, so she asked herself “Why not make my own?” With the help of friends, she started Control Freak and began selling online before moving to baby shops and e-commerce websites like Lazada and Shopee. On how the product was named, she says, “The name ‘Control Freak’ was inspired by my dad who seems to be a control freak over several things. I realized that we all want to exert a certain degree of control in our daily lives. Control Freak offers users a greater degree of ‘control’ over the little bothersome things in everyday life.” It features organic, plant-based, and essential oil-based solutions for daily needs people need to control. Their products are inspired by the timeless beauty of nature and the no-nonsense properties they give.

Control Freak repellants come in a variety of types like Control: Mosquitos, Control: Insects, and Control: Germs, and come with scents such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.

WHAT TO BUY: Control Freak’s Control: Mosquitos and Control: Insects feature several different scents, such as Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Citronella. 

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

Owner Alyssa started Marahuyong Bilhin so she could start earning pay for her expenses such as academic-related books. As a distributor and reseller, Marahuyong Bilhin supports locally made products, made especially for Filipino women. They aim to showcase local beauty products that are affordable in comparison to other brands but are still effective.

Marahuyong Bilhin proudly distributes several local beauty products

WHAT TO BUY: Marahuyong Bilhin is an authorized reseller for Bubblyskin PH and KHM Cosmetics products, a city distributor for Kloud Skincare in Manila, and a regional distributor for Ell.Cosmetics in Metro Manila.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

For more lists spotlighting small local businesses during the pandemic, keep an eye out for CHiNOY TV’s social media pages and website for more recommendations!

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