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3 Modern Tao Kes Who Serve Up Dim Sum, Lumpia, and More


Mallgoers were able to enjoy great food from straight from the homes of Chinoy entrepreneurs at the Modern Tao Ke Food Fair at Ayala Malls Manila Bay. The event was organized by Globe myBusiness, in partnership with Ayala Malls, GCash, CHiNOY TV, and Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim.

Here are some of the Chinoy micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises at the event:

Gourmet Lab

Sharmayn Tan started Gourmet Lab because it was scary hard and scary to go out and dine at their favorite Chinese restaurants. She started making her own dim sum with the help of her cook and realized she could turn it into a business, providing people who missed authentic dim sum, like her, with great dishes.

Gourmet Lab’s standouts are their radish taro cake and special cha misua which uses the family’s 70-year-old secret recipe that came from her grandmother. Gourmet Lab also helps the cooks and riders make extra income. We stan businesses that help others and not just the bosses.


Food Bar Manila

Food Bar Manila was started by aspiring civil engineer, Kyle Gaw. While waiting and preparing for the board exams and scrolling through Instagram, Gaw remembered that they had an extra freezer at home. That realization sparked the idea of selling frozen goods online. Food Bar Manila focuses on selling high quality and authentic tasting dim sum.

They give friends and families a chance to have a quick meal and catch up, especially during the Chinese New Year. It is important to be with family and friends and enjoy a meal together even if it’s just a quick catch up over some dim sum.” Food Bar Manila is run with the customer in mind, as Kyle manages his business based on his personal experience and the feedback he gets.


The OC Chef

The OC Chef started with the idea of having food prepared with our OC premium quality with OC standards of cleanliness and hygiene,” said Brittany Ang. Their standards of cleanliness are high, and they always have been. And their compulsive cleanliness is even more valuable to their customers nowadays amid the pandemic. Plus, they have great dishes to boot.

“We started with our Luscious Lasagna. The recipe was passed down from my ama since she had her own small catering business in the province. We then slowly expanded our menu with different dishes from our family members.

When the company started in 2019, it was just a sideline, but Ang went full blast with her food business in May 2020. Their lumpia has been passed on from generation to generation so it’s definitely a recipe that’s unique to The OC Chef menu. Also, they offer a dedication lasagna, and they may be the only food business to offer such an option in the country — maybe even the world.


Activities like this food fair is one of the efforts by the Modern Tao Ke campaign to inspire and empower tao kes in these challenging times. Read about some of the other activities we’ve hosted to inspire the community here.

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