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3 Unexpected Ways to Save Money During Ghost Month

The month of August heralds the start of weak trade activity, little financial transactions, and red portfolios everywhere. As Ghost month has already begun, many people are starting to worry about their finances. The gates of hell are thought to be opened at this time and so there are certain taboos that encourage people to avoid, such as investing, selling possessions, and purchasing a house or automobile, lest you bring out bad luck or calamity. With that in mind, here are three unexpected ways the seventh lunar month might help you save money if you’re ready to incur the anger of restless spirits.

1. Bigger wedding discounts

As we all know, getting married during the seventh lunar month is considered a big taboo because the spirits lurking around may become envious and decide to curse the union with all sorts of misery. However, if you’re ready to risk bad luck, your pocketbook may find some respite from the exorbitant expenses of wedding banquets and bridal packages here. 

As a result of Ghost month, prices for wedding services fall. Hotels, restaurants, and wedding vendors are bracing for a drop in business around this time of year, so they are more inclined to offer larger discounts or accept lower pricing to make ends meet. That equals significant savings for you.

2. Renovations are cheaper

Another big no-no during Ghost month is substantial home renovations or repairs. All of the hammering and drilling is supposed to irritate the invisible, who may become enraged and decide to do mischief. Moreover, ghosts returning to their former haunts may be unhappy or puzzled to find a changing layout, which may result in disastrous effects on the living. In any case, this results in a drop in revenue for interior design firms and remodeling contractors, which is fantastic news for daring, forward-thinking homeowners like you.

If you remodel during the seventh lunar month, you’re more likely to get lower packages because there are so many accessible contractors. Even if you don’t obtain explicit savings, remodeling companies may be more inclined to throw in extra labor for free, giving you more bang for your buck.

3. Real estate is cheaper

Lastly, one of the most widely held taboos is not buying or moving into a new home during the seventh lunar month. Making such a shift during Ghost month is thought to bring the residents terrible luck.

According to statistics, real estate leads and sales usually plummet as many local buyers don’t want to risk tempting fate. However, the statistics did not reveal a substantial decline in transaction volume during the decade, indicating that although superstitious purchasers avoided buying properties during the period, other non-superstitious buyers took advantage of the opportunity to purchase homes at cheaper costs.

So, if you’re the kind that rushes in where others fear to tread, looking for your new house before the beginning of the seventh month might save you a lot of money. 

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