4 Chinese horror stories you may have missed this month

Friday the 13th Moon

Although Halloween has passed a few weeks ago, it’s that time of the year where we bring out our horror stories to the table for Friday the 13th!

1) The Painted Skin

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Painted Skin is a story from “Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio” by Pu Songling. It tells the story of a man named Wang, who met a beautiful homeless woman on the streets and decided to offer her shelter. He later discovered that the woman was actually a green monster, wearing a painted-skin disguise of a woman.

2) The Maid

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This is a story about a maid who worked in the home of Gan Bao, a Chinese official, and historian.

Gan Bao’s mother was envious of Gan Bao’s father’s favorite maid, so much so that when he died, she shoved the maid inside his burial vault.

When the mother passed away ten years after, they opened the vault to find the maid alive. All this time, Gan Bao’s father took care of her by bringing her some food and drink.

3) The Ghost Brides

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This is a true crime story that occurred in China.

Two mentally disabled women were killed by a man who reportedly wanted to sell their carcasses for ghost weddings. The two women were promised to be given grooms but were unfortunately killed to be sold.

4) The Lotus Pond

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The lotus pond located at CUHK is said to be haunted.

The story goes that a braided-hair girl drowned herself here after her lover failed to meet up with her at 10 pm. They say that she still roams around that area and asks passersby for the time. If he answers her question, she will drown him!

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