4 Chinese Makeup Brands That You Should Definitely Try

Want that clear skin that all your favorite Chinese celebrities have?

Well, there’s no better way to appreciate the flawless aesthetic of Chinese beauty than to invest in the very products that are developed for it! Known for its emphasis on porcelain skin and delicate purity, C-beauty has definitely been on the rise in recent years, so why not give these fashionable brands a shot? 


Florasis (花西子)

Celebrating the gorgeous artistic style of traditional Chinese culture, Florasis, also known as Hua Zi Xi, has taken social media by storm. And it’s not hard to see why: several of its products have been intricately embossed with flowers, phoenixes, and even historical figures inspired by the country’s ancient beauty standards — they’re almost too pretty to use!

But, of course, the most important aspect to consider when purchasing makeup is how suitable it is for your skin. This is where Florasis excels. Aside from possessing a versatile array of hues that bring out the best of Asian beauty, the brand also makes sure to nourish your skin with natural floral extracts and herbal essences. 


Florasis products are inspired by traditional Chinese culture.



Curious about the Florasis hype? If there’s one must-have that you should get, it’s the ever-popular Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette (P2,995.00)! Taking inspiration from the traditional Chinese folding screen, this silky-soft palette is engraved with delicate patterns illustrating the myth “All Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix.” We consider this a great versatile find since the product can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, and blush!

Where to Buy: Official Website, Shopee (Florasis)


Flower Knows (花知晓)

If you want something cute and quirky, with the nostalgic vibes of magical girl anime, then check out Flower Knows! This cosmetics brand is founded by China’s top cosplay celebrities Baozi and Hana, an iconic LGBTQ+ pair whose partnership has spanned over eleven years of stunning makeovers. Although they have since retired from the cosplay scene, their experiences over the decade have definitely not gone to waste — Flower Knows is widely known for its ethereal lolita-styled packaging, taking inspiration from themes such as teddy bears, angels, unicorns, and even cat paws.

If that isn’t enough to convince you of Flower Knows’ charmingly kawaii image, the brand is also endorsed by Japanese K-Pop idol Sakura Miyawaki, who has built a massive following with her work as an idol in AKB48, IZ*ONE, and the upcoming HYBE girl-group LE SSERAFIM. 


Sakura Miyawaki as the Flower Knows Asian Brand Ambassador.



Flower Knows is especially popular for its blushers and liquid lipsticks. If you ask us, one adorably gothic rec is the Little Angel Feather Lip Glaze (P1,026.00), which features a velvety matte cover that hydrates your lips and accentuates your cherubic beauty. 

Aside from that, you can also achieve a refreshing youthful look with the 20th century-inspired Flower Goddess Carving Blush (P1,223.00), which comes in the most elegant porcelain cases we’ve ever seen.

Where to Buy: Official Website, Shopee (Flower Knows)


Perfect Diary (完美日记)

It’s a truth fundamentally known that you can’t make a Chinese makeup rec list without Perfect Diary. Known for its affordable prices and top-tier quality, this beauty brand seized the coveted top spot of China’s cosmetics industry in 2019 for good reason! Although it was founded only in 2016, Perfect Diary has established itself as a fashionably modern mainstay, collaborating with the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA), the British Museum, and Chinese National Geography in celebration of the world’s diverse beauty cultures. 

Apart from that, the brand has many charms! In addition to advocating for the rights of endangered animals and producing cruelty-free products, its current collaboration with Sanrio is also filled with fun products to collect, featuring iconic characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and more, 


Perfect Diary x Sanrio loose powder collection.



One of Perfect Diary’s best-selling products is its highly pigmented Explorer Eyeshadow #14 Butterfly Palette (P1,299.00), which comes with twelve fantastical colors. The butterfly-themed palette belongs to an environmental series inspired by the eyes of animals caught in Discovery cameras. 

For those wanting to indulge in a Sanrio beauty fix, we also recommend the Sanrio Loose Powder collection (P1,739.00), which showcases adorable characters such as Cinnamoroll (Transparent), Pompompurin (Fair Skin Tone), and Gudetama (Natural). Light and silky, this ultra-fine loose powder is ideal for blurring imperfections and maintaining long-lasting makeup.  

Where to Buy: Official Website, Shopee (Perfect Diary)


Carslan (卡姿兰)

Sometimes, a splurge in luxury is what your skin needs, and that’s what Carslan brings to the table. As one of China’s top designer makeup brands, Carslan has invested heavily in offering the global female the best that money can buy. This is why it shouldn’t come as a shock that Carslan has managed to collaborate with renowned designers who have worked with brands like Dior and Hermes to release their gorgeous new package designs. 

Naturally, on the product side, Carslan also spares no expense. Years of thought and research have gone into the formulation of their world-class lipsticks and foundations. At its core, after all, the brand believes that customers deserve only the finest that there is to offer. 


Carslan Lip Mud series.



Those following the C-beauty scene know that lip mud is now one beauty obsession that has entered the market. Celebrated for its soft mud-like texture, the Carslan Sweetheart Lip Mud (P1,166.00) is hydrating, smooth, and the perfect in-between of shiny lip gloss and natural lipsticks. 

We also can’t forget the Carslan Lasting Moisture Liquid Foundation (P699.00)! Alongside its amazing featherlight matte finish, the moisturizing product is infused with pure black truffle extract which revitalizes your skin with antioxidants and nutrients. 

Where to Buy: Official Website, Shopee (Carslan)


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