4 Douyin and TikTok Trends

TikTok is the biggest thing on the internet since … Instagram? They’re one-minute videos designed to go viral in an age where there’s so much content to sift through. TikTok has been at the forefront of setting trends since the pandemic started, so it’s natural that we talk about things that are trending on the app, but why Douyin trends, too?

They’re sister apps from the same company! TikTok is the younger sister of Douyin and the international version of China’s popular app. While they’re not one and the same, they are pretty similar. The difference is the content available. Different content means there are different things trending on the apps.

Here are a few popular trends on Douyin right now that you may have already seen  or will see on TikTok:

1. The “Slow Motion” transformations

Okay, these are a little less impressive than those I’ve seen on TikTok but a lot more fantastical so that’s fun.


2. Dance trends

These dance trends are, in my opinion, way more creative than the ones on TikTok. Douyin stars shoot them in great locations, using props and even full costumes.

3. Couple videos

These funny/cringe-y couple videos are somehow more entertaining than their TikTok counterparts. The bag dropping trend is probably the most known internationally, but there are also wingperson moves that you wish your friends would do for you.

4. Chinese Mukbang videos

For foodies, there are also Chinese Mukbang videos that highlight the diverse spicy food options in the country. From kids to adults, the amount of spice they feature in their mukbangs are insane, but they make it look like absolutely nothing.

5. Chinese street fashion

New York Fashion Week who?


While Douyin is not available locally, there are a bunch of compilations videos available on YouTube, and some TikToks that repost Douyin content, if you like what you saw here.

For more TikTok videos, check out CHiNOY TV’s TikTok page.


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