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4 Financial Tips to Follow for Ghost Month

The Chinese culture has had a significant impact on numerous countries, including the Philippines. Even today, many Filipinos combine pamahiin with Chinese beliefs in order to attract good luck and avert bad luck. One example is the commemoration of Ghost Month.

The Philippines celebrate Ghost Month as a result of Chinese Buddhist and Taoist influences. Many people think that around this time, the gates of the Underworld open, and wicked spirits deliver terrible luck to the mortal realm. It begins on the seventh month of the lunar calendar, and this year, Ghost Month will begin from July 29 to August 26, 2022. Many individuals stay hidden during Ghost Month in order to prevent running out of luck. After all, there’s no harm in being cautious. With that being said, here are some financial tips to follow to keep your money safe throughout any uncertain period:

1. Think twice before any purchase

Shopping is undeniably pleasurable and, at times, a stress relief. However, be wary of losing control and purchasing goods you don’t truly need. You’ve already gone well over your budget before you know it. So, consider twice before making a purchase. The ghost month is infamous for bringing misfortune, thus making rash purchases may backfire. When money is tight and things are slow, it’s better to concentrate on what you really need. Prioritize the most vital costs instead of buying non-essential products. It might be as easy as limiting your eating out or paying your bills first before squandering your money. 

2. Save money

Every year, Ghost Month occurs, and you may face many such slowdowns in the future. After all, saving is a must, not an option. Start with little quantities if this is difficult for you. Consider this a diet in which you start slowly. Once you’re comfortable with it, steadily raise your savings. Aside from the money set aside for expenses, it’s a smart idea to have a savings account in case bad luck strikes you during ghost month. That is why it is critical to be prepared. Begin growing your emergency fund by putting aside at least 10% of your take-home pay each time you get it. Do this consistently, and you’ll have saved enough money for a rainy day before you even realize it!

3. Delay purchase of expensive items

Ghost Month is typically associated with sluggishness and uncertainty. Take this time to consider and plan your purchases, particularly large-ticket products that are not immediately required. If you want to buy a new device but are concerned about your budget, put it off until the next month when you are more certain about your money. Moreover, displaying your new phone, vehicle, or other large expenditures may make the spirits envious, drawing even more ill luck your way. It is also impractical to spend hundreds or millions of dollars during a pandemic. Don’t you want to save money for medical emergencies? What about other disasters? The latest bling can wait—it’s the right time to be more fiscally prudent.

4. Don’t start a new business yet

Starting a business during Ghost Month is considered a bad idea because most investors take a rest during this period, causing the economy to stagnate. This is an excellent moment for you to finalize your preparations and ensure that everything is in order when you ultimately start your firm. Moreover, during Ghost Month, it is believed that the Gates of Hell are opened, allowing spirits to explore the corporeal world. When you’re constructing a commercial establishment, you’re bound to disrupt the serenity. Do you want your launch to be a success? Do it after Ghost Month.

Whether it’s a ghost month or not, it’s best to be financially prepared. It’s simple to safeguard your funds against bad luck if you keep these tips in mind!

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