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4 Food Shops Perfect for Your Weekend Indulgence

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What are you planning to do this weekend? Whether it be bingeing a movie, reading a book, or planning a game night with friends and family, there is surely no better way to set the mood for some well-deserved indulgence than with absolutely delicious food. Treat yourself now with weekend eats from these four delicious stores!


1. Nachoriffic by TRB

Facebook: @nachorifficbytrb
Instagram: @nachorifficbytrb
Contact No: 09178537476

Launched by The Original Red Baron Steak and Ribs (TRB), Nachoriffic is an online food store that specializes in triple-cheese nachos. Those looking for some finger-licking goodness to nibble on will surely be satisfied with this savory snack! In addition to its rich creamy cheese sauce, Nachoriffic makes use of pure lean beef bits and crunchy bubble pita chips for a truly flavorful experience.  

WHAT TO TRY: Nachoriffic is also the name of TRB’s best-selling nacho chips, which are priced at P360. Extra cheese may be ordered for an additional P50. 

Nachoriffic by TRB.

Nachoriffic by TRB accepts orders online and via their social media accounts. 

2. La Cocina de Mama


For the team behind La Cocina de Mama, there is nothing more invaluable than home. Offering a warm tray of lasagna on the dining table is just La Cocina de Mama’s way of providing comfort, filling empty stomachs with rich flavors, and helping create memories to be shared with loved ones. Familiar and delectable, what else could be more perfect for a family night in?

WHAT TO TRY: La Cocina de Mama specializes in mouthwatering lasagna, which comes in three sizes: Solo (P250), Sharing (24 pax, P750), Family (810 pax, P1,400).

Lasagna by La Cocina de Mama.

La Cocina de Mama accepts orders online via their social media accounts.


3. Secret Sauce MNL

Facebook: @secretsaucemnl
Instagram: @secretsauce_mnl
Contact No: 09175331098

Don’t know what to eat during your weekend night binge? Look no further! Secret Sauce MNL pledges to serve the best burgers with only high-quality ingredients. You also wouldn’t want to miss out on their buttery brioche buns, mouthwateringly juicy patties, and a secret special sauce for which the business is named. Secret Sauce MNL is definitely the burger joint to watch out for!

WHAT TO TRY: Secret Sauce MNL’s best-selling items are classics appreciated by all burger-lovers: The Cheeseburger (P190) and The Double Cheeseburger (P360). Those looking to be more adventurous may also try Mary’s Lamb Burger (P250), an undoubtedly scrumptious combination of savory lamb and rich Dutch cheese.

The Double Cheeseburger by Secret Sauce MNL.

Secret Sauce MNL accepts orders online via Foodpanda and their social media accounts.


4. Nacho Macho MNL

Facebook: @nachomacho.mnl
Instagram: @nachomacho.mnl
Contact No: 09452592096

Who doesn’t love nachos? Managed by teenage sisters Kelsey and Kelshia Lopez, Nacho Macho MNL is a home business that specializes in nacho bakes, a beefy cheesy delight that is perfect for all your movie, merienda, and midnight chip cravings! Using a secret family recipe that involves fresh and delicious ingredients, these nacho dishes are terrifyingly addicting, always leaving you wanting more.

WHAT TO TRY: Nacho Macho MNL’s nacho bakes are available in the following sizes: Mini (1–2 pax, P380), Small (2–4 pax, P580), Medium (4–6 pax, P880), and Large (6–8 pax). All nacho bakes are inclusive of chips and salsa. 

Nacho Bake by Nacho Macho Manila.

Nacho Macho MNL accepts orders online via their social media accounts. 


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