4 Halloween-inspired food presentation ideas

It’s almost that time of the year when we get to dress up as… oh wait, we can’t do that anymore. Nevertheless, we can all still have fun on Halloween inside our homes. Ready to celebrate the holiday quarantine style? Here are some cute food ideas you can try to spice up this season. 

1. Pumpkin bowl 

Photo from China Daily

Ditch the traditional tableware and try using a cute pumpkin bowl for a change. Here, we have Eight-Treasure Rice served inside a pumpkin bowl. However, don’t limit yourself to just rice and go crazy with trying other dishes as well. 


2. Dragon eggs 

Screenshot from Instagram | @chmiello

Although the dish is actually called Chinese Tea Eggs, it’s texture gives off that Halloween vibe.  As complicated as it looks, the recipe is actually quite easy to do. 


3. Not-So-Scary Dim sum

Screenshot from Instagram | @chweechwee72

If you’re the artistic type, you’ll probably enjoy making Halloween-inspired dim sum. In fact, you’re not limited to just doing the usual Halloween characters but can also try making Chinese mythical creatures like a Jiangshi


4. Mandarin Madness 

Screenshot from Instagram | @asheetaprasad

It’s unusual to draw on top of a mandarin, but still a fun activity to do with the family. Just make sure the marker you use is non-toxic!

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