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4 Home Bakeries For Your Next Merienda

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting livelihoods of all walks of life, CHiNOY TV kickstarted the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series to give an avenue for local businesses to be featured!

Today’s entry spotlights more delicious baked goods! With everybody still stuck at home due to lockdowns and quarantine, more people have started baking as a way to earn a living and to share their creations to a wider audience. 

Founder Joanne Prowel always had a hobby for baking. Her friends loved her cookies so she got the idea to sell it, which led to Nell’s Patisserie. She started by selling Oreo Cheesecake cookies before expanding with more baked goods such as custaroons and caramel bars.

Nell’s Patisserie’s Oreo Cheesecake Cookies (L) and Custaroons (R) are among the baked delicacies offered.

WHAT TO TRY: Her bestseller is their Custaroons, which combines macaroons and leche flan in one dessert. She also recommends her Oreo Cheesecake Cookies, which are soft and chewy cookies made with butter and cream cheese. Keep an eye out for more delicacies being offered in the future!

 To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

With a sweet tooth that her friends could attest to, Gennie Go always had an interest in baking. She spent her quarantine time learning, experimenting, and trying out numerous recipes. She would always manage to make more baked goods than what her family could eat at home, so she would send some over to friends and family. Ultimately, they convinced her to start a business, Sweets by G, which bakes fresh cookies every weekday!

Classic Choco Chip, Rainbow Funfetti (L), and Cocoa Cups (R) are some of the flavorful cookies provided by Sweets by G!

WHAT TO TRY: Filled with rainbow sprinkles and a delicious mix of white chocolate and caramel chips, their Rainbow Funfetti has been a customer favorite. Go also recommends her newest creation, the Cocoa Cups, which is a cocoa cookie cup filled with chocolate and mini marshmallows.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

Hailey’s Sweets and Pastries was named after the daughter of owner Cathleen, since it opened on September 13, Hailey’s birthday. She started baking since she was in her elementary years, and it had since become not just her hobby but also her passion. With Hailey’s, she now applies that passion to provide scrumptious baked goods made with love that would satisfy cravings.

Hailey’s Sweets and Pastries offers the family favorite Banana Loaf (L, in Dark Choco Chunks flavor) and the scrumptious Fudgy Brownies (R).

WHAT TO TRY: Cathleen’s Banana Loaf is a favorite pastry of her daughter Hailey, and it comes with several flavors such as Plain, Choco Chip, Brownie, and Dark Choco Chunks. Her Fudgy Brownies is made of real dark chocolate, not too sweet and not too bitter, and just the right taste for both kids and older people.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their website, their Facebook page here, and their Instagram page here!

Papsy’s Pastry is a home-grown bakery inspired by owner Joni’s uncle who recently passed during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was better known as “Papsy” who radiated a generous, prudent, and quick-witted charisma to everyone he met. With the loss of her uncle, Joni realized how other people have also been suffering financially, mentally, and physically from this pandemic. She wanted to pass on the love of God that her “Papsy” had also shown to others, as well as honor his legacy to others. Baking has been a longtime hobby for Joni, so she wanted to use her passion to serve as an avenue to be a blessing for others. Hence, the store gives a percentage of its proceeds to different beneficiaries. With Papsy’s Pastry, they aim to bring heartwarming comfort one pastry at a time to the customers whom they have the privilege of serving.

Papsy’s Pastries offers a variety of flavors, among them including Uji Matcha Cookies (L), Lucious Red Velvet Cookies (C), and the Oreo Cheesecake Cookies (R).

WHAT TO TRY: Papsy’s Pastries prides itself in its variety, especially with their menu changing every two weeks to a month. The bakery sells different kinds of pastries, with recommendations being their Uji Matcha Cookies, Ube White Dream Cookies, Baked Red Velvet Donuts, Oreo Cheesecake Cookies, and Ube Creamcheese Pandesal.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

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