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4 Home Cooked Meals For Your Next Family Feast

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting livelihoods of all walks of life, CHiNOY TV kickstarted the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series to give an avenue for local businesses to be featured!

This week’s entry is yet another batch of home kitchens that serve a variety of food for those who want a lot of choices for their next big dinner.

J & R Kitchen PH was named after siblings Janine Ching, Jesstine Ching, Rae Ching, and Rya Ching – two sets of twins – who founded this venture both as a form of bonding during quarantine and as a way to help provide to their parents financially. From delicious meat to favorite Asian snacks, J & R offers freshly steamed/baked goods with just the right amount of saltiness and sweetness. All their products are proudly homemade and all-natural ingredients so it’s perfect for all ages and generations.

J & R Kitchen PH offer a variety of tasty dishes, from their Egg Tarts (L), to their Taro, Pumpkin, and Radish Cakes (C), and their Frozen Brazos (R).

WHAT TO TRY: The sisters recommend their rich and creamy Egg Tarts, the tasty Radish, Pumpkin, and Taro Cakes, and the refreshing Frozen Brazos.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

Mc and Cheese was founded by Mc David Lim four years ago, but because of other food business opportunities, he had to set it aside for a while to focus on those projects. Last year, Lim decided to give Mc and Cheese a second chance, so he started selling two of his specialties and favorites: Baked Mac and Cheesecake. In July, he launched his party trays as where his customers could choose more options for both big celebrations and small dinners at home with family and friends.

True to its namesake, Mc and Cheese’s Bake Mac (R) and Cheesecake (L) are among its bestsellers and highlights.

WHAT TO TRY: True to its name, the store’s favorites is its Baked Mac, which has a combination of sweet and tangy meat sauce with homemade cheese sauce, and its classic Cheesecake, which is not too sweet and topped with blueberries. For their trays, he recommends the thinly-sliced Beef Sukiyaki, the Baked Salmon fillet with two-cheese garlic, and herbs served with buttered veggies on the side, and the Bangus Sisig sauteed in special oil topped with mayo and crispy fish skin.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

The home quarantine gave mother-daughter duo Dimple and Anika Lim a lot of time to think about starting a small food business. The two worked together to set up this business, to share their favorite recipes at home to others. They received an immense amount of positive feedback after letting their family and friends try their products, which became their signal to go public. This led to them establishing 4501 Kitchen, and the two feel very fulfilled making others happy with their tasty dishes.

4501 Kitchen’s Mini Pistachio Sans Rival bites (L) and customized Birthday Noodles (R) are some of its unique offerings.

WHAT TO TRY: One of their best-sellers is the Mini Pistachio Sans Rival, which is a unique, bite-sized dessert with a light flavor. Another recommendation is their Chinese Birthday Noodles, which has a recipe that dates back years but is still a family favorite in their gatherings. Adding their take on the dish, they add customized Chinese character toppings when celebrating someone’s birthday.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

Starting during the ECQ, Chef-To-Go PH was the product of a family’s hobby of cooking Chinese food. Although they started undecided on what to offer, they decided to serve ready-to-eat flavorful and healthy dishes like rice bowls, kimchi, and salads to cater to busy businesspeople. Their advocacy is to serve affordable and nutritious food without compromising the taste, which is something Chef-to-Go PH has been successful in accomplishing so far.

Chef-to-Go PH’s ready-to-eat and flavorful dishes include their Chao Fan (Top) and their Garlic Fried Rice and Buttery Adobo (Bottom).

WHAT TO TRY: For rice meals, their Chao Fan is Chinese-style fried rice with authentic Macao sausages and fresh veggies, while their Garlic Fried Rice and Buttery Adobo is a twist of Filipino adobo served with rice in lots of fried garlic. Vegetable options include their Salad which also includes vegetables and fruits with freshly prepared dressing or vinaigrette, as well as their healthy Kimchi which is also a source of probiotics in line with their health-oriented meals.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, visit their Facebook page here!

For more lists spotlighting small local businesses during the pandemic, keep an eye out for CHiNOY TV’s social media pages and website for more recommendations! Check out our last piece featuring home cooks as well!

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