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4 Homegrown Cake Shops For Every Celebration

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting livelihoods of all walks of life, CHiNOY TV kickstarted the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series to give an avenue for local businesses to be featured!

Today’s entry is perfect for every celebration: cakes! These four small businesses provide a variety of cakes for every kind of palate. Check out the stories behind the scrumptious cakes that are made with love! 

Describing it as a “simple quarantine cookie craving that turned into a full-blown passion project,” sisters Jerica and Polo Chua expanded Bite.mnl with a variety of baked foods, from delicious cookies to scrumptious cakes!

Bite.mnl’s Chocolate Dulce Cake (L) and Japanese Double Cheesecake (R) are two of the many delightful sweets they offer.

WHAT TO TRY: Their Japanese Double Cheesecake is creamy and soft, perfect for those who want a balanced take in their sweets. The Tres Leches Cake is a milky and soft cake base topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. For the chocolate lovers out there, their Chocolate Dulce Cake is a “super moist” dark chocolate cake topped with perfectly balanced dulce de leche and whipped cream, while their Red Wine Mallow is a dark chocolate cake base soaked in red wine topped with homemade marshmallow icing, for those who want more of a kick in their cakes. Aside from their cakes, they also bake delicious Cookies in Chocolate Chip, Walnut Chocolate Chip, and Oat Chocolate Chip flavors. 

To check out more of their products and price lists, check out their Facebook page here!

Born to a family full of “chefs, bakers, and mostly eaters,” founder Daphne Go already had her baking skills come naturally to her. Stuck in quarantine, she was craving for the Japan-imported Tiramisu that she would indulge in at the Japanese restaurants she would frequent in Makati. “It was different from most tiramisu as it has a crunchy ice cream texture layered with thin slices of coffee and alcohol flavored cake,” she detailed the Tiramisu, which was a recipe she sought to do for herself through Daphne’s GOodies.

Daphne’s GOodies’ scrumptious Tiramisu is perfect for any occasion!

WHAT TO TRY: Her signature Tiramisu, with the “aroma of the coffee, gentle kick of the alcohol, and deliquescence of our Italian ladyfingers,” as lovingly described by Go.

To check out more of their products and price lists, check out their Instagram page here! 

Eunice & Jasmine Bagay needed to find some way to be productive while they’re stuck in quarantine for the summer break. With their love for ice cream and their supportive parents’ continual advice, the sisters decided to start up Ice Cake Co., where they primarily make ice cream cakes. Despite limited experience and equipment, the two expanded their knowledge through learning new techniques and recipes over time. Ice Cake Co. has also partnered with a few youth-led organizations to help fellow Filipinos struggling during this time of the pandemic.

It’s the best of both worlds with Ice Cake Co.’s variety of ice cream cakes, clockwise from top: Cookie Crumble, Oreo, and Mango Delight.

WHAT TO TRY: The Oreo Ice Cream Cake is made with real Oreo cookies and has a graham crust with Oreo bits with cookies and cream ice cream layer. The cake is topped with chocolate fudge, more Oreo bits on the side, and an Oreo cookie right in the middle. Their Mango Delight Ice Cream Cake consists of two layers: vanilla ice cream and mango ice cream. It also has a graham crust with cashew nuts and the ice cream layers that are divided by mango slices. This cake is topped with mango syrup, more graham crackers and cashew nuts, and a mango slice.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, check out their Facebook page here!

“My sister loved baking ever since she was young, yet she never found the time to bake all the time,” Nathan Lim spoke about his sibling, Jadice. During the quarantine period, Jadice decided to revisit her passion in baking, and the siblings decided to start selling some of the pastries that she baked by founding Simple Temptations.

Need something cheesy in your next date? Try out Simple Temptations’ 7″ Basque Burnt Cheesecake!

WHAT TO TRY: Try their 7” Basque Burnt Cheesecake, which has smooth and creamy cheesecake goodness in every slice. Aside from their classic cheesecake, they also sell chewy and crispy Revel Bars in classic and white chocolate flavors.

To check out more of their products and pricelists, check out their Facebook page here!

For more lists featuring small businesses in the midst of the pandemic, keep an eye out for CHiNOY TV’s social media pages and website for more recommendations!

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