4 local Chinoy idols you should definitely watch out for

We’ve talked about our favorite Chinese K-Pop idols and C-Pop idols, but did you know that we also have our very own Chinoy idols? 

With the mainstream P-Pop scene now becoming a hothouse to the developing Filipino idol industry, fans have been excitedly keeping an eye out for the next big pop sensation. Check out the freshest Chinoy idols to stan here:


1. Mikha (BINI)

Mikhaela Lim, known by her stage name Mikha, is the main rapper, lead dancer, and visual of the Philippines’ hottest new girl group BINI. Formed by ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Academy, the eight-member squad finally made its fresh debut after a gruelling two-year training period, releasing their upbeat dance single “Born to Win” last June 4. 

Having witnessed her growth over the last few years, fans of BINI (officially named “Blooms”) adore Mikha for her striking looks, charming personality, and determined mindset — the last of which is perfectly embodied by her favorite motto: “Dreams will only stay dreams until you act upon it.”

Check out BINI’s latest release “Born To Win” here: 



2. Mikki (BGYO)

Popularly known by his stage name Mikki, Michael Claver Jr. is the main rapper of BGYO. The rising five-membered rookie group, also managed by ABS-CBN, released their debut single “The Light” last January 21, 2021, creating an impressive splash in the international scene by immediately placing second on the Billboard Next Big Sound Chart. BGYO is the fifth Filipino artist on the weekly chart. 

Aside from his partial role as a songwriter — having written the bridge of BGYO’s debut track — one interesting fact to know about Mikki is that he is actually a quarter-Chinese, owing to his mother’s half-Chinese roots. Because of this, it isn’t surprising to hear that Mikki also attended a Chinese school for 14 years and even has a Chinese name: 施英贤 (Shī Yīngxián)!

Check out BGYO’s latest release “The Light” here: 



3. Rianna (MNL48)

Bhrianna Chriszell Chua is best recognized by her professional name Rianna. She is currently a third-generation member of MNL48, the third international sister group of Japan’s own AKB48, which is renowned as the fifth best-selling girl group in the world. 

MNL48 is currently composed of 35 official members. Not unlike the original system implemented by AKB48, the active roster of the group is decided by the public through a yearly General Election. As of this writing, Rianna, as one of the newest members promoted in the third and latest general election last February 13, is a member of Team Unknown. 

Check out MNL48’s latest release “HASHLOVE” here: 



4. Kriesha Chu

Born in Makati City and raised in San Francisco, Kriesha Chu (real name: Kriesha Tiu) is no newcomer to the idol stage! Chu rose to prominence when she joined the popular Korean competition program K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance after being scouted by Urban Works Entertainment in the USA. Although she was initially eliminated on the seventh episode of the series, Chu was later brought back as a wild card and finished as the show’s runner-up.  

In 2017, Chu successfully made her debut as a solo artist, immediately topping the real-time search trends of South Korea’s most widely used search engine Naver. She also managed to replicate the feat during her comeback in 2018. Since then, Chu has expanded her career by dabbling in variety shows and web dramas. 

Although Chu has temporarily put a pause to her career due to stress-related health issues, fans are still looking forward to her next release. With her contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Records, future plans of Filipino projects are also an exciting possibility! 

Check out Kriesha Chu’s latest release “Like Paradise” here:


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