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4 Services To Enhance Your Mind, Body, And Business

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting livelihoods of all walks of life, CHiNOY TV kickstarted the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series to give an avenue for local businesses to be featured!

Today’s entry showcases the different services you can avail while in quarantine! Whether it’s for fitness, food photography, or education for young children, feel free to avail of these lockdown friendly services for your quarantine needs!


Teacher Ivy wanted to keep in touch with and support her family and friends, some of which have begun homeschooling their children since the pandemic kept schools closed. Having had years of experience as a teacher, she wanted to help them. She set up Learn With Ivy, which provides online preschool services such as storytelling, arts and crafts, and even advice for parents!

Learn With Ivy features storytelling, arts and crafts, and learning for young children, such as their Circle Time program!

WHAT TO TRY: Ivy recommends her Circle Time, which has 30 minutes of music and movement. Parents are also invited to join their children!

To check out more of their services, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!


Need some help with your new food business? Look no further than The Food Studio by TMG! With a background and knowledge of culinary and photography, founder Marvin Gerard Gan started the venture months ago to help his friends’ online businesses flourish and gain more audience. Gan always wanted to style, plate, and photograph food, so creating The Food Studio has played an important role in his personal growth and his career. In addition to that, he gets to help his sister and his closest friends earn during the pandemic by having them model for the products that he shoots.

The Food Studio by TMG is photographer Marvin Gerard Gan’s (center) way of being able to create stories from his clients’ brands.

“For me, this craft of mine isn’t just about taking photographs of such beauty, but also about being able to tell my client’s brand’s story to capture the heart of their audiences and flourish their business through my craft,” Gan says.

WHAT TO TRY: He recommends his food styling and photography services to the newcomers in the online e-commerce world.

To check out more of their services, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!


For Richard Liao, growing up with social anxiety wasn’t easy. As an awkward and shy kid, he always compared himself to others and didn’t have any direction. He turned to exercise in 2010 when he was 19 years old, where fitness gave him an outlet to “reconnect with the present moment,” and ultimately get to know himself better. He is now a freelance fitness coach at 29 years old, and his life’s purpose is to share how fitness can add quality to one’s life. “Today with the COVID 19 pandemic, living a fit and healthy lifestyle is all the more important not only for a healthier body but also for a sense of connectedness to oneself and ultimately to each other. To get through this tough time, we need to work with each other and fitness helps us start with ourselves,” he shared.

Wanna have a body like personal trainer Richard Liao? Kickstart your fitness journey by booking a consultation with him!

WHAT TO TRY: His 1 Month Training program includes written workouts with instructions, video demos, and a nutrition guide that is perfect for jumpstarting one’s fitness journey.

To check out more of their services, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!


Founded by Anneli Sy, Hello Munchkins started as a play café located in Quezon City. When the pandemic hit, they began offering online classes and tutorials for toddlers aged 1-5 years old, which span a range of topics such as cooking, arts, science, reading, and math. In addition to that, they also have PowerPoint files on subjects like CVC learning, reading comprehension, and math for those who want to homeschool their children. Aside from their online teaching services, they also sell children’s supplies such as baby items, educational materials, school supplies and workbooks, and Bible storybooks.

From interactive programs to learning materials, Hello Munchkins Play Café’s programs are child-centered and development-focused.

For Sy and fellow teacher Fanny Wong Chua, the child’s development is emphasized in their learning segments, from the materials given to interactive programs, so they could enhance their foundation in social and communication skills before learning academic subjects. They also have a community of enrolled mothers so they could share experiences and learnings to adjust their lessons to be more child-centered. “We aim to provide materials to homes to have a conducive learning environment for each child,” Sy says. Chua adds, “Each child’s growth and development is a shared goal between parents and teachers.”

WHAT TO TRY: Their online classes are ongoing! Bestsellers include Bible storybooks and devotion books, blackboard and whiteboard wall stickers, world maps with flags, soft activity books, learning charts, and workbook sets.

To check out more of their services, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

For more lists spotlighting small local businesses during the pandemic, keep an eye out for CHiNOY TV’s social media pages and website for more recommendations!

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