4 typical Chinoy snacks that we love

It is hard to deny our love of Chinese food. They are simply so good. But, aside from eating dim sum or noodles, Chinoys also love purchasing Chinese snacks that can be found in a Chinese grocery store. Here is a list of some of these snacks that we grew to love and continue to buy over the years:

1) Wang Wang

One dilemma we used to have is whether we should bring a pack of these bad boys to school since it is without a doubt that it’s already gone by the time you reach home.

It’s just that addicting.

2) White Rabbit

White Rabbit is another childhood candy that brings nostalgia to us all. It even inspired other products such as a face mask, ice cream, and a lipstick to emerge. 

3) Haw flakes


This is not your regular sweet candy, as it is made from hawthorn fruit. It’s fun to eat these small discs. You either do it one at a time or eat a lot simultaneously (for those who are daring).

4) Soy milk 

If your childhood baon is not Yakult or Chucky, it’s probably soy milk, especially the one in a carton. The drink is so delicious that some schools may have sold this to their students.

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