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5 business secrets to navigating the pandemic

Whether your business is big or small, all companies and enterprises all over the country are not immune from the drastic effects of the pandemic. Because of this, hundreds and thousands of businesses had to close down their stores.

Nevertheless, there are still numerous businesses who were able to stay afloat during the pandemic and continue offering their products and services. With certain strategies and techniques, they navigated the pandemic and escaped its grasp.

Make your own business pandemic-proof and failsafe through these 5 business secrets.

1. Go digital

This is one of the most important business strategies to consider during a pandemic. With people locked inside their homes and itching to buy their favorite food or that clothing they’ve been eyeing for quite some time, they’ll surely be happy to know they can buy it online.

Going online lets you cater to more consumers and allows you to do business as usual. The boom of online shopping during the pandemic is proof that going digital is vital to keeping your business alive in uncertain times.

2. Invest in logistics

With the shift to online business comes the need to invest in logistics. Although it is now easier for people to shop through online means, this means extra attention is needed for logistical concerns. There is no bigger turn off for customers than waiting for weeks before their much-awaited orders arrive.

People will be looking for the cheapest alternative when it comes to the delivery of their orders, and this can put you in front of or behind your competitors. Because of the pandemic, also expect that there may be delays due to sudden changes in health protocols and government restrictions. Invest in logistics to ensure that you are able to keep your customers happy with your services.

3. Recalibrate your budget

The pandemic merits businesses to recalibrate their operating costs and budget. This is a time to be more wary of how you budget your business to minimize losses as much as possible.

Recalibrating the budget includes shifting to lower cost marketing processes, reducing employee overtime, putting temporary hold on team retreats and other non essential events and celebrations, and paying debts as early as possible to name a few.

4. Innovate business processes

During a pandemic, it is hard to operate the way you usually would with your business. There came a point where employees themselves cannot report for work because they were sick or because of hesitancy to go outside. 

This is why innovating your business process is important. Technology has paved the way for businesses to stay dynamic during a pandemic and introduced ‘work from home’ as a norm. This innovation allows almost all employees and personnel to perform work and keep the business running while inside the safety of their own homes.

From investing in laptops and gadgets to subscribing to online video conferencing tools, innovation will certainly help you continue even without leaving your own home.

5. Make use of online trends

With everything going digital and most people are on their phones, keeping up with the latest online trends is a good way to keep your business relevant and retained in the market. 

Case in point: the powerful digital marketing tool called Tiktok. Hundreds of businesses found themselves jump from having a meager ten to twenty orders a day to thousands in a week after simply posting a viral Tiktok video.

With so many content types to choose from, simply scrolling through Tiktok and other social media platforms will help you find trends that you can take advantage of that will definitely catch the eye of your online audience.

These business strategies are proof that businesses can and will survive a pandemic. All it takes is strategic thinking, determination, and a bit of 祝你好运 Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn (good luck)!


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