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5 Chinese horror flicks to watch this Halloween

We all know that Halloween is not celebrated in the Philippines. It’s quite rare for trick or treats events and Halloween parties in the country. With the new normal, it’s best that everyone should stay home. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy and embrace the spookiness that Halloween vibes radiate.

One of the best ways to enjoy Halloween is watching horror films. Many Asian horror films are well-known and critically acclaimed to be scary and terrifying with the visuals, jumpscares, and plots that seem real enough to believe. Any horror film lover must know that Chinese horror movies make anyone jump off their seats with the mind games they play to the viewer.

With the psychological aspect, Chinese horror films can cause goosebumps. Chinese horror films are totally worth-watching because of the culture, folklore, and mythological elements. The audience can really feel another level of fear as these scary films and their eerie characters could possibly exist in real life.

Get ready to be frightened with these five Chinese horror films that you can watch on Halloween!

1. The House That Never Dies (朝内81号)

The House That Never Dies or Cháo Nèi 81 Hào is a thriller-horror film that revolves around the historical period in the Cultural Revolution. The film is about the haunted Chaonei No. 81 mansion, which is one of the scariest locations in Beijing. Built in the 1800s by Qing officials, the mansion became haunted after the wife of a Kuomintang official took away her life in 1949. Xu Ruo Qing’s eerie spirit haunts the mansion and gathers other spirits who had lived there. The film’s cinematography and the storyline are commendable for a modern Chinese horror film, which explains why there’s a sequel in this film, too. 


2. The Possessed (中邪)

The Possessed or Zhòng Xié has gained attention when it won ‘Best Artistic Exploration’ at China’s International Film Festival in 2016. Despite its low-budget, it is claimed and praised to be “the best Chinese horror film of the past few years” by critics. If you liked the Western movies The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, you’ll totally love this documentary-type of film. The Possessed tackles a unique exorcism ritual in the rural villages of Shandong Province. Two curious Chinese students Liu Meng and Ding Xin aim were to understand superstitious beliefs through Wang Po, a famous exorcist in the area. Chaos and unforeseen events arise when Wang Po tries to exorcise a possessed person named Chen Li, as they’re all trapped by evil spirits who are blocking their way. 


3. The Strange House (通灵之六世古宅)

The Strange House is a psychological horror film with jump scares that can leave you shocked like the plot twist of the film. Ye Zi is a hairdresser facing financial issues with her potentially being evicted from her house. Le Zi Jun, a psychologist, gives her a special odd offer as she looks like his mother’s beloved deceased friend Le Rong. Ye Zi has to impersonate Le Rong to grant his mother’s last dying wish. However, things go awry as Ye Zi sees eerie illusions inside the house and the deceased’s creepy room. The Strange House Horror is a must-watch film for horror movie lovers with a sinister ending, scary scenes, thrilling jump scares. 


4. Phantom of the Theatre (魔宫魅影)

Phantom of the Theatre or Mó Gōng Mèi Yǐng (魔宫魅影) is suitable for viewers who want to watch a mild horror film. The horror flick leans more on the suspense, drama, and mystery. Phantom of the Theatre is a stunning horror film with the elements of supernatural stories with a murder thriller and long-lost romance. The movie is about a haunted theater full of vengeful spirits who were murdered in a fire 13 years ago. As it opens again with a new show, there will be new victims who shall be murdered once again. The film may be of the horror genre but it has sophisticated digital effects and good cinematography. It will impress any viewer, leaving anyone in awe on how stunning this film is. 


5. Inside: A Chinese Horror Story (惊悚小说)

Inside: A Chinese Horror Story or Jīng Sǒng Xiǎo Shuō is a somewhat scary film so it’s good for people who can’t fully watch horror films. You can even legally watch this film on YouTube and appreciate the high-definition video. The psychological horror film is an anthology of different scary stories written by Cui Kai who is tasked to write a horror series. As the writer rose to fame with his popular series, the secret behind the characters in his works is shocking. The stories written by him are related to his own life. All the characters he has created in his stories are the split personalities of Cui Kai when he was still in the asylum. With the well-directed film and eerie storyline, Inside: A Chinese Horror Story can be watched by anyone who wants a realistic, yet scary movie. 

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