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5 Chinese Idol Survival Shows to Watch in 2021

China has some of the most entertaining idol survival shows that we’ve ever seen, allowing some of the hottest C-pop groups to debut in front of global audiences and propelling them to immense popularity. Last year, we watched amazing idol trainees battle it out to get their spots in sensational groups like THE9, BonBon Girls 303, and SKY. 

This year, we’ll get to see even more! 

Here are five Chinese idol survival programs that will air in 2021:


1) Youth With You 3 (青春有你3)

Previously debuted idol groups: Nine Percent, UNINE, THE9

To be aired by iQIYI, Youth With You 3 is the fourth season of the entire Idol Producer series, following Idol Producer, Youth Has You, and Youth With You 2. For this latest season, audiences of the show, also called Youth Producers, are invited to vote and cheer on their favorite male trainees as they compete for the top nine spots to debut in an all-new idol group. 

Returning to the mentor cast after a successful run in Youth With You 2 is Lisa of Blackpink, taking her place as the dance instructor. Other mentors also include Chris Lee, Wilber Pan, Li Ronghao, and Youth With You 2’s center trainee Esther Yu. 

Official set picture of “Youth With You 3,” as posted by the “Youth With You 3” Twitter account (@qingchunyouni_).


2) Produce Camp 2021 (创造营2021)

Previously debuted idol groups: Rocket Girls 101, R1SE, BonBon Girls 303 

Also known as CHUANG 2021, this variety program showcases 100 “students,” allowing them to grow and develop their performance skills through missions, training, and assessments under the guidance of five celebrity coaches. Launched by Tencent Video, Produce Camp 2021 aims to debut two seven-member boy groups, with one aimed towards the Chinese market and the other towards the international Asian scene. 

Mentors for this program include last year’s R1SE leader Vin Zhou, Charlie Zhou, Deng Chao, and Ning Jing. Produce Camp 2021 will also be hosted by Nene Pornnappan Pornpenpipat and Amber Liu. 

Official set picture of Produce Camp 2021, as posted by the Produce Camp 2021 Twitter account (@CHUANG_Official).


3) Asia Super Young (亚洲超星团)

Previously debuted idol groups: N/A

Asia Super Young is a joint survival show project hosted by Youku and produced by Alibaba and Korean entertainment company Kakao M. Having held auditions all over the globe, this program aims to gather S-class trainees who will explore their talents in three major areas: trendy music, street dance, and rap. In the end, seven trainees will be chosen to represent Asia’s entertainment standards and debut as a new group. 

The announced roster of hosts for Asia Super Young includes Jay Chou, Jackson Yee, Lisa (Blackpink), and Takuya Kimura. 

Asia Super Young official poster. Source: My Drama List


4) Bravo Youngsters (上线吧华彩少年)

Previously debuted idol groups: N/A

Though word on the street isn’t clear yet whether or not this survival show will debut idol groups, Bravo Youngsters features several idol artists and contestants who are to engage in national artistic performances such as Peking opera, Chinese instrumental music, and traditional dance. Hosted by CCTV, the program involves both male and female participants under the age of 25 and hopes to promote tradition and culture in the eyes of teenagers. 

Hosts of the youth-centered program include Jackson Yi, Donnie Yen, Yang Mi, and Wang Peiyu. 

“Bravo Youngsters” official poster. Source: My Drama List


5) To The Top (下一站出道)

Previously debuted idol groups: N/A

To The Top is an idol survival project that will exclusively feature trainees from Yuehua Entertainment, an entertainment company known for managing an impressive roster of China’s brightest stars. Produced in collaboration with iQIYI, the program will feature 15 trainees divided into three groups, from which one will be chosen to debut. 

To The Top is scheduled to air in the second quarter of 2021 and will also feature established Yuehua artists NEXT, Wang Yibo, Han Geng, Meng Meiqi, Cheng Xiao, and Wu Xianyi. 

“To The Top” official poster. Source: Baidu

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