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5 Chinese Medicine That Chinoys Frequently Use

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for more than 2,000 years. While imperfect and sometimes controversial — such as the “spiritual” aspect of forces and energies — the concepts and learnings of TCM may be of use to the medical community and society as a whole. 

Many Chinese-Filipinos have greatly benefitted from TCM. Below are five Chinese medicine that Chinoys frequently use: 


1) White Flower: A Chinoy’s cure to almost anything

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White Flower has been a staple for clogged sinuses, colds, dizziness, headaches, muscular pain, and more. Its combination of menthol, eucalyptus, wintergreen, camphor, lavender, and peppermint make it a great solution for almost any ailment. Plus, with its compact size, you can easily take it with you anywhere!


2) Pei Pa Koa: An effective cough syrup

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A cure for cough and hoarseness! Pei Pa Koa’s effects have been called “significantly effective against cough” by an article published by the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The article titled, “Pharmacological Studies of nin jion pei pa koa,” also stated that the medicine has “an evident effect on relieving asthma in vivo [within the living] and in vitro.” The cough syrup is made from different herbs, like pomelo peel, fresh ginger, and menthol, among many others.


3) Po Chai Pills: To stop LBM in its tracks

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For many Chinese, this is the ever-recognizable man on a medicine box! Po Chai pills are able to relieve diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, indigestion, and cold symptoms. This medicine even has a 124-year legacy dating back to 1896 when it was first made by Li Shiu-kei in Hong Kong. 


4) Seirogan: For stomachaches and toothaches

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Seirogan helps treat stomachaches, diarrhea, food poisoning,  vomiting, and toothaches caused by pulpitis, a condition that causes the painful inflammation of the tooth’s pulp. What’s interesting is that it was founded in Japan, but one of its main ingredients is Chinese licorice root, a fundamental Chinese herb. 


5) Lianhua Qingwen: A potential future favorite 

Image from Philippine Archipelago International Trading Corporation

The medicine Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang, recently approved by the Philippine FDA, could prove to be useful, especially in the fight against COVID-19. Used as a treatment for “hot symptoms” in TCM, Lianhua Qingwen serves as a cooling supplement — and a strong one at that. 


The inherent beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine lies in its long history and resounding adaptability. Thus, even today, many Chinoys rely on these medicine for various ailments.


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