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5 common stereotypes about Chinoy students in college

When Chinoys enter college, they are often stereotyped. Sometimes these stereotypes are true but most of the time, not since Chinoys all come from different backgrounds and schools. Here are five of the most common stereotypes about Chinoys in college. 


Grade conscious

Many assume that Chinoy students are grade conscious. This stereotype can also be noticed in other countries wherein they often assume that Asians are all afraid of getting bad grades. Although Chinoys do strive hard to earn good grades, they are also just like everyone else, at times getting below the average grades. There are times where our classmates would be surprised if we get a bad grade and yet we don’t look too shaken up about it. Yes, it is true that there are some Chinoys who are actually grade-conscious but there are still others who are not. 


Strict parents

Another common stereotype is that all Chinoys have strict parents. There are times when our friends get surprised that we are able to hang out with them even until late hours of the night.  Although it is common for Chinoys to have strict parents, most of the time, they are also allowed to take some time off to socialize and have fun. Some parents allow their children to go out with friends knowing that they are responsible enough to know what’s wrong and right.


Chinky eyes   

Although this stereotype isn’t as common as the others, there are times wherein some people would be surprised when a Chinoy doesn’t possess chinky eyes. Surprisngly, many of us even have  bigger eyes. In college, you are likely to encounter classmates who get surprised to know your lineage when you have ‘normal’ eyes.


Coming from China 

Another common misconception that you may encounter in college is that once you speak Chinese, you are automatically from China. What some may not know is that there are some Chinese speaking students who are from Hong Kong or Taiwan. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when one speaks in Mandarin, they are from China. However, to avoid misconceptions like this, instead of feeling offended, we must patiently explain to them the differences so they can understand. 


‘Rich kids’

Lastly, there are also some people who stereotype Chinoys as ‘rich kids.’ They sometimes think that all Chinoys are rich. What they often fail to realize is that some of the things we use are hand-me-downs from our older siblings, our parents, or even grandparents. Many of us also have to save our weekly allowances to buy the things we want or to go out with our friends.


(This story is a personal observation of the author.)

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