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5 Dimsum Places to Satisfy Your Cantonese Cravings

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV presents the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series, a project that puts the spotlight on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today’s Supports Local list reflects the wide-reaching culinary influence of Chinese diaspora all over the world! Dim sum, a globally recognized facet of Cantonese cuisine, made its way to the Philippines when Chinese traders and migrants settled into the country. 

In celebration of Chinoy history and great food, here are five dim sum shops for you to explore:

1. Lucky Belly Noodle House

Facebook: @luckybellynoodlehouse
Instagram: @luckybellynoodlehouse
Contact No: 09458291083

Established in 2018, this restaurant was started by a group of friends who wanted to share the mouthwatering authentic flavors of Cantonese cuisine. Those wanting to experience a mix of tradition and quirky modernity, best check out Lucky Belly Noodle House. Not only does it serve an extensive menu of the classics, but it also offers some of the cutest animal buns you’ll ever see!

WHAT TO TRY: Check out Lucky Belly Noodle House’s cute and Instagrammable Character Buns, available as custard-rich Pigs (P260 – 12 pcs), chocolate-filled Pandas (P330 – 12 pcs), and taro-puffed Porcupines (P250 – 12 pcs), among other flavors. For those wanting to have some frozen dim sum to cook at home, they can also try classic dishes, such as Pork Shrimp Siomai (P850 – 28 pcs) and Hakaw (P725 – 24 pcs). 

Lucky Belly Noodle House dim sum.

Lucky Belly Noodle House accepts orders in-store, as well as via GrabFood and its social media accounts.


2. Lo Bak Go

Facebook: @lobakgo
Instagram: @lobakgoph

Hong Kong-based chef Tricia Kua was once in the habit of making delicious radish cakes as a weekend pastime. After years of practice and experience, Kua finally gained the courage to open Lo Bak Go, a Chinese kitchen named after its Cantonese specialty. Serving authentic dishes with premium-quality ingredients, Lo Bak Go aims to help diners celebrate over familiar meals best shared with family and friends. 

WHAT TO TRY: Lo Bak Go’s specialty is its tasty Radish Cake (P650)! Some other appetizing dishes to try are the traditional Buddha Jumping Over the Wall Soup (P600) and Birthday Misua (P1,200). 

Radish Cakes by Lo Bak Go.

Lo Bak Go accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


3. ACH Panda Bros. Corporation

Facebook: @achpandabros
Instagram: @ach.panda.bros
Contact No: 09178170627

This food business is a joint collaboration started and named after three friends, Albert Tan, Clifton Chianpian, and Hansbert Go. Serving everyone’s favorite Chinese dishes, ACH Panda Bros. promises to offer hotel-grade frozen dim sum at affordable prices for enjoyable experiences. 

WHAT TO TRY: Some of ACH Panda Bros’ best-selling items are its Pork Siomai (P210 – 30 pcs) and its Pork & Shrimp Siomai (P260 – 30 pcs). Other popular dishes to watch out for include the Pork BBQ Baked Buns (P220 – 9 pcs) and Tausi Spare Ribs (P310 – 500g). 

Assorted dim sum dishes by ACH Panda Bros. Corporation.

ACH Panda Bros. accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


4. Harmony Cantonese Kitchen

Facebook: @HarmonyCantoneseKitchen
Instagram: @harmonycantonesekitchen
Contact No: 09198329992

Founded in November 2018, this home-based online food shop specializes in Guangdong zongzi. The delicacy, alternatively known as Cantonese machang, is a glutinous rice dumpling sumptuously stuffed with pork belly, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese sausages, and salted egg yolk all wrapped together in bamboo leaves and cooked slowly for four hours. 

Using only the finest ingredients, Harmony Cantonese Kitchen delivers a truly satisfying bundle of goodness — a rich harmony of flavors that will always leave diners craving for more!

WHAT TO TRY: Harmony Cantonese Kitchen is best known for its savory delights, such as Premium Machang (P175 per piece, P480 – 3 pcs), as well as its Almond Jelly Float (P70 per 12oz cup, min. of 6 pcs; P180 – Small Tub; P480 – Large Tub) and Whole Patatim (P680 – small, P750 – medium, P850 – large). 

Premium Machang by Harmony Cantonese Kitchen.

Harmony Cantonese Kitchen accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


5. Shiok Shack PH


Shiok Shack PH was founded on a story of love, having been inspired by the personal experiences of co-owners Alyanne and Asher, who sent each other comfort food as a way for them to cope with the pandemic. Hoping to help others who may feel the same way, Shiok Shack seeks to always provide go-to homemade comfort food at affordable prices for clients to enjoy, thereby delivering a delicious and genuine #ShiokinglyGood experience. 

WHAT TO TRY: For the best #ShiokinglyGood experience, Shiok Shack PH offers super-sized dim sum classics, such as its Frozen Jumbo Siomai (P459 – 20 pcs) and Frozen Jumbo Hakaw (P399 – 8 pcs) to be paired with its especially flavorful Chili Garlic Sauce (P250 – 200g)! 

Siomai paired with Chili Garlic Sauce by Shiok Shack PH.

Shiok Shack PH accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


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