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5 Facebook Community Groups You Can Join As A Chinoy

As we all learned from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, love and belongingness are significant aspects of an individual’s life. Friendship, intimacy, and family — people seek for a sense of connection. We aspire to be a part of something, to belong, and feel accepted. 

As a Filipino-Chinese individual, here are some Facebook community groups that you may join to meet and interact with your fellow Chinoys!  


Members: 17.9K

Fil-Chi Kaishao Group is a group about love, relationships, and dating. In here, Chinoys test their luck in looking for a partner, share memes about love, anonymously tell their personal stories, and ask for advice through the hashtag #DearAchieCharrie.


Members: 42.2K

If you’re a foodie, you definitely have to join Fil-Chi Ho Tsia/Ho Dim. In this group, Chinoys share the appetizing food and drinks that they offer. At the same time, people post about what food and drinks they look for so that others may suggest their products.

Chinoy Learning Community

Members: 425

Chinoy Learning Community is a group wherein Chinoys share e-books, zoom sessions, and other helpful materials for others to consume. People share lessons and courses that others may check out to gain more knowledge about Chinese, mainly the language. The group’s purpose is learning and education.

CHiNOY Online Community

Members: 2.1K

CHiNOY Online Community is a more general group wherein Chinoys share Fil-Chi related stories, advice, memes, articles, news, posts, opinion, and videos to their fellow Chinoys. These include informal contents up to informative materials that they can relate to.  

subtle lan nang traits [Fil-Chi Edition]

Members: 193

Just like CHiNOY Online Community, subtle lan lang traits is a group that caters to more general topics related to Chinoys. These include learnings, traditions, activities, questions, and plugs.

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