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5 fashion brands that are popular among Chinoys

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to clothing and the brands they want to wear. For Chinoys, some brands easily stand out and are considered ‘must haves’ in our closets. However, now that we are still experiencing the pandemic, we can’t go to these stores as often as we did before. So let’s look back on the different clothing brands that Chinoys often visited whenever we go shopping for new clothes. Or better yet, check out their online stores and shop virtually like you have never done before!

(Note: The author did a casual survey among her peers and relatives to come up with this list.)



It is just obvious. The top brand that the majority of Chinoys use is Uniqlo. The affordable price and modern designs are what makes this brand one of the ‘go to’ brands of Chinoys. It helps that it constantly releases a new lineup of fashion collections every season. That means you can never go out of options! Fortunately, most of its stores are now operational, though observing strict health safety protocols. Just prepare to use the QR code when entering any store, for its contact tracing measure. Fitting of clothes is also not allowed in some shops so know your sizes very well before making a purchase. You can also buy online through its site or mobile app–for delivery or pickup.



Whenever there is a family gathering, a party to attend to, or an impulsive trip to the mall, many Chinoys often wear Giordano. They often buy from this brand for its simple designs. It can also pass off as semi-formal clothing. The Hong Kong-based brand is still at it–with contemporary designs that promote comfort without compromising fashion. The brand has also brought its catalog for online shopping.



Regardless if it is shoes or clothing, a lot of Chinoys use this brand for their casual wear or when they go to school. Nike is originally an athletic brand, though some of its loyal users have learned how to do that crossover so they can still feel athletic and on the go while being streetsmart-fashionable. This American brand is also constantly rolling out amazing and surprise sale promos, so check out instant announcements at their stores.



From shoes to apparels and accessories, you are covered by this German athletic brand. Chinoys, whether young or old, often buy from Adidas for their daily casual wear. Its contagious popularity is cited for its being a common brand that is exploited by knock offs. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Also check out Adidas’ official online store to check out the latest offerings without needing to drop by its brick-and-mortar sites.



Lastly, Chinoys also buy often from H&M for the same reason why they buy from Uniqlo. The prices of clothes from this Swedish fast-fashion brand are affordable and provide modern designs. However, most of the time, ladies are the ones who shop more often from H&M since this brand only has limited designs for men. Online, you can find H&M at Zalora.


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