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5 Feng Shui Decorating Mistakes

If you want to apply feng shui principles to your house, here are nine typical design blunders to avoid. Please keep in mind that not everything is a feng shui correction, therefore it’s fine if you like one (or more) of these feng shui mistakes. Just remember that you have it in your home because you like it, not because it has a feng shui application.

1. Dying Flowers and Plants

Fresh flowers and living green plants bring great life energy into a home and are wonderful feng shui. However, this does not apply to sick flowers and plants. Natural components that have been kept and/or dried are also included. They are no longer alive and hence provide no life energy. If a plant becomes ill, do your utmost to treat it, but keep in mind that sick plants suggest problems for the people who live in the house. It’s fine to have dried lavender in your closet. It’s not a feng shui item. People have also kept flowers that are very precious to them, such as their dried wedding bouquets. This is acceptable since it is valuable to you. However, it is not suitable for feng shui reasons.

2. Broken Mirrors

In most civilizations, mirrors are very significant. They may broaden your perspective and reveal inner truths for the observer when they are flat and clear. As a result, any damaged or distorted mirrors will not reveal the truth. Broken mirrors are very hazardous and can result in an accident. If possible, choose clean, polished mirrors that reflect well.

3. Storage Under Bed

While it makes practical sense, having storage beneath your bed is not excellent feng shui. This includes storage boxes, loose storage, beds with built-in storage (such as drawers), and other similar items. You spend many hours sleeping over all of this, and it has an effect on you. Storage beneath your bed may signify subconscious obstacles in many aspects of your life, including love relationships. You want nothing under the bed if at all feasible. We want the energy to flow freely around you in feng shui. If you must keep goods beneath the bed, please limit them to soft, sleep-related items such as soft cushions, blankets, and linens.

4. A Bed Without a Headboard

In feng shui practice, a headboard must be securely connected to the bed and to a strong wall. It’s bad feng shui to have a mattress on the floor or a bed floating in space. The headboard supports, strengthens, and connects. This relates to your relationships, your overall well-being, and your life.

5. Blocked Doors

Avoid putting anything behind a door that stops it from opening at least 90 degrees. Even if you have lovely hooks that are well arranged and clutter-free, it is not good feng shui if the door cannot open at least 90 degrees. On a practical level, it makes walking through the door tough and stressful. On an energetic level, it restricts the amount of positive energy and possibilities you may get.

It’s quite appealing to try to address all aspects of your life by making feng shui changes in every area and room of your home. It is preferable to focus on one to three areas. This allows you to concentrate on what is vital and requires your attention.

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