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5 Feng Shui Items You Should Display in Your Home for Good Fortune

Feng Shui is extremely successful in bringing luck and wealth into one’s life. There are several Feng Shui items that are said to be beneficial in bringing good luck. These are handy for more than just house decor. When utilized and positioned correctly, they may also have a great impact on one’s life. Here are five Feng Shui items that might help bring good fortune to your home.

1. Nine Koi Fish

Starting off with the Koi, a well-known feng shui luck symbol. The Koi fish may occasionally jump quite high, which can be connected with progressing in your job or social standing. You have the opportunity to advance regardless of your existing situation or experience. The “9 Koi fishes” artwork is a popular motif. It is particularly fortunate since “9” is the most “Yang” number. The Koi painting is very popular for hanging in a living room or workplace.

2. Lucky Bamboo

​​Lucky bamboo is extremely similar to outdoor bamboo. It is considered one of the “four gentlemen” plants in Chinese culture. Plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum are examples. In Chinese ink paintings, they are commonly represented together, indicating persons with great values and moral standards. Bamboo is commonly associated with scholars and the literary arts. The lucky bamboo is frequently utilized in feng shui to improve intellect and exam luck.

3. Jade Plants

In Chinese feng shui, plants with thick and wide leaves are considered lucky. This contains the majority of succulents. Cactus and other needle-leaf plants are used to counteract bad energy. A jade plant or other lush, green plants may bring in nature’s vitality while also cleaning the air. The jade plant is also known as the “money plant.” To improve your financial luck, place this plant in your living room, office, or other public spaces.

4. Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha represents pleasure and good fortune. The joyful buddha statue can be seen in a variety of postures. Some are capable of transporting an ingot or a hefty sack of wealth. It gives a cheerful temperament as well as wealth luck.

5. Horse

The horse represents one’s high spirit and growing vitality. The picture or sculpture of a horse might offer good luck in your profession and travel opportunities. To improve travel luck with a horse sculpture, arrange the horse in a ready-to-jump stance and place the horse towards a door or window. It should improve the likelihood of traveling to distant locations.

There are other additional lucky feng shui products you may use to improve your life. If you have a strong emotional connection to anything, it might be a meaningful and powerful object for you.

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