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5 Feng Shui Tips for Good Health

Everyone’s attention these days is focused on staying physically healthy but have you paid enough attention to your emotional well-being? Stress may have a negative impact on your mental health and potentially impair your immune system. Although stress is unlikely to go away completely as the pandemic continues, there is one easy thing you can do to help: maximize the good energy in your home with feng shui.

Placing multisensory things in parts of your house where you spend the most time can help to balance your mind, body, and soul. There is no need to worry about exact locations for some of these; merely following these tips already has some benefits.

1. Thriving Plants

According to feng shui expert Maureen Calamia, author of Creating Luminous Spaces, green plants are an important requirement in every setting. “Plants are a great way to keep connected to nature while spending time indoors,” she adds, noting that they also serve as a reminder of nature’s revitalizing abilities. Moreover, plants provide several health advantages by lowering carbon dioxide levels indoors and perhaps lowering the quantity of some contaminants. We suggest purchasing a citrus tree and situating it in the southwest corner of your home for more abundance. Remember that only blooming plants, not withered or brown ones, give good feng shui.

2. Good Lighting

Proper lighting may have a significant impact on your mood and overall well-being. One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is to allow more natural light in by opening blinds and curtains whenever feasible. Of course, this isn’t always possible in every area and at every time of day, so we recommend investing in a Himalayan salt lamp. The lamp emits negative ions into the air as the modest warmth of the light bulb heats the salt. These negative ions will purify the air, promote healing, and radiate positive feng shui energy.

3. Windchimes

There is a significant value to engaging all five senses in feng shui, so don’t overlook sound while maximizing the energy in your home. Nature noises, such as a breeze blowing through the trees or water trickling down a stream, have been found in studies to help us relax. Hang wind chimes to capture and convey the energy of a breeze in music. Although metal wind chimes are attractive, the quieter tones of bamboo or wood chimes may be more calming.

4. Black Tourmaline

Sleeping well is a crucial aspect of keeping healthy. However, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can have a deleterious impact on restful sleep, and there are still questions regarding probable links between EMFs and harmful health effects. As the number of gadgets we use on a daily basis increases, it’s not uncommon to be surrounded by high levels of EMFs emitted by your television, mobile phone, alarm clock, tablet, laptop, and Wi-Fi. As such, it is suggested to place a piece or two of black tourmaline next to your bed to create a healthy sleeping environment.

5. Colorful Furniture

The current home-decor trends of light gray, beige, and stark white may be magazine-worthy, but they lack one essential component of outstanding feng shui: bright color. So, how can you remedy this without having to rework your entire space? One alternative is to paint one wall. Color may also be introduced through accent items, such as colorful throw cushions, for a less permanent option. Choosing a hue that appeals to you is an instinctive method to increase brightness. So don’t overthink it, just do what you want! 

According to this ancient Chinese philosophy, every item, area, and living thing has a life force known as chi, which you may use to strengthen yourself. The higher the quality of chi you can generate, the healthier and more energetic it will be, which will benefit your emotional health and, in turn, your physical health. Try out our suggestions to experience a similar effect.

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