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5 Gifts You Can Give Your Angkong & Amah During The Quarantine

Missing the endless dishes that your ahma prepares every time you visit her in her house? Or the long conversations about life lessons with your angkong? The quarantine surely made us miss a lot of people, especially our amahs and angkongs. However, you can still show your love and appreciation for them despite the distance. Here are some gifts you can give your angkongs & amahs during the quarantine (and even after).

1) Presence

Source: Nohat

Surely, they miss you too. Grandchildren usually bring rainbows and sunshines in our grandparents’ eyes. So why don’t you check up on them from time to time? You can call them, message them, or even ring a video call. Having the initiative to reach out to them will definitely put smiles on their faces. 

2) Patience

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They may not be familiar with video conferencing platforms, so you might need to explain it to them step-by-step. From downloading the app to understanding the functions of the software, it might take awhile before they completely understand how the app works; hence, you have to be patient. Don’t worry, it will be worth it! 

3) Comfort


The fear and the restrictions brought by the pandemic may be a lot to take in for our grandparents. Not to mention, they may occasionally feel lonely as well. Hence, reassuring them that everything will eventually be alright is one way of comforting them in these trying times. Being there for them and supporting them are great ways to boost their spirits. 

4) Life Updates

Source: The Evening Harold

Storytelling with our grandparents are two times the fun since they have already experienced the things that we are just about to experience. Thus, the exchange of stories is purely fun and interesting. So why not do that through call? Even if you’re just on the phone or on the laptop, updating your grandparents with your current life events will still excite them. At the same time, they will deeply appreciate how you’re still making them involved in your life despite the distance.

 5) Time

Source: Today I Found Out

Above all, setting some time for your grandparents is what greatly matters. May it be a quick “good morning” text message or a night filled with games that you can both play through video call, giving them time could just be the best gift you can give them this quarantine (or even after).

Do you have any more gift ideas we can give our angkongs and amahs this quarantine? Be sure to comment it down below!

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