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5 Grooming Essentials For Every Gentleman – According To Former Mr. Chinatown Candidates

Ever wonder how Mr. Chinatown candidates always look fresh and dapper whether in shoots, on stage, or just anywhere? Know their secrets as three former candidates share their grooming must-haves, so that you can also look neat and dashing. Without further ado, here are 5 grooming essentials for every Chinoy.

1) Facial Wash

Source: Man of Many

According to Mr. Chinatown 2019 candidate, Aaron Ho, men’s facial wash is one of the most essential grooming tools for every gentleman.

Source: Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Facebook Page

“With all the hustle and bustle of going around and working the whole day against the pollution, [using a facial wash is important]. Also, it’s always good to keep a fresh face all the time since you won’t know who you’ll meet within the day.”

2) Shaver

Source: ShaverCheck

Moreover, Aaron also recommends having a personal shaver in your grooming kit.

Source: Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Facebook Page

“Part of grooming yourself is to look clean and presentable all the time. With men, especially those that grow a lot of hair on their faces, it’s essential to trim those down frequently. Investing in your own personal shaver will help you do just that and with ease. I’d personally have an electric one so as to make my life easier.”

3) Hair Wax 

Source: Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Facebook Page

According to Russell Tee, another Mr. Chinatown 2019 candidate, hair products such as a can of hair wax works magic!

“How your hair looks affects a lot. Kahit na bagong gising, kung maayos ang buhok, ok ka tingnan.”

4) Hair Comb & Hair Dryer


Derrick Pua, a Mr. Chinatown candidate back in 2017, is currently a Software Quality Assurance Analyst. On top of that, he also does acting and modeling on the side, so looking good is really a must.

Source: Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Facebook Page

“[Aside from the pomades and gels,] combs and hair dryers [are essentials as these] help you fix and style your hair since your hair completes your total look.”

5) Perfume and Deodorant

Source: DeoBazaar

Lastly, Derrick highlights that smelling good is as important as looking good.

Source: Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Facebook Page

“And last but not the least, you just don’t want to look good, but you also want to smell good. I recommend Deodorant and Perfume which helps make you smell good all the time.” He added, “these mentioned products are just some grooming essentials I would like to recommend. But of course, you are not limited to these products, there are a wide variety of products which help you groom and look good. As we all know our face would be one of our main assets.”

Do you have more grooming essential recommendations? Be sure to comment it down below!

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