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5 K-pop groups with Chinese members

As K-pop takes the world by storm, people are now starting to learn more about the different K-pop groups. However, what some don’t know is that a lot of groups have foreign members or members who are not Korean. Oftentimes, foreign members come from either China or Thailand. Did you know that these K-pop groups have Chinese member/s?



Seventeen is a well-known group with 13 members who are known for their synchronized choreographies. The group’s China-line are The8 (徐明浩) and Jun (文俊辉). Both of them are active in China and appear on several Chinese variety shows. They are actively promoting in China both as a group and individually. 



The group G-idle also has 2 Chinese members namely Shuhua (葉舒華) and Yuqi (宋雨琦). However, out of the two Chinese members, only Yuqi has been actively promoting in China and has made appearances on Chinese variety shows. 



WJSN or Cosmic Girls is also known to have Chinese members but for the wrong reasons. Their company has not been promoting the group as a whole and have left out the Chinese members of their group. Their company also banned the group from promoting as a whole in China but allows the Chinese members to promote themselves. The Chinese members of WJSN are Cheng Xiao (程瀟), Xuan Yi (吴宣仪), Mei Qi (孟美岐). 



GOT7 is one of the well-known boygroups in Korea. They have won multiple awards and have sold many albums. One of their members; Jackson Wang is popular in South Korea and in China. Aside from promoting with his group, he also promotes individually in China and appears in variety shows and idol competitions there. He is also one of the Chinese idols who are more popular and active in China than in South Korea.



The last group to be mentioned is NCT. NCT is known for its growing number of members and multiple sub-units. They are also the only boygroup in Korea who has the most number of members. One of NCT’s sub-unit; WayV is the group’s Chinese sub-unit. WayV is composed of Winwin (董思成), Lucas (黃旭熙),  Kun (錢錕), Xiaojun (肖德俊), Hendery (黄冠亨), Yangyang (劉揚揚), and Ten (李永欽). However, even though Ten is Chinese, he is not considered as a Chinese citizen since he was born in Thailand. On the other hand, NCT’s other sub-unit; NCT Dream also has Chinese members namely Chenle (鍾辰樂) and Renjun(黄仁俊). Out of all the Chinese members of NCT, only Lucas has been most active in China. 

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