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5 Motivational Chinese TED Talk Speakers

TED Talks are known for countless inspirational talks from remarkable people who share unique ideas and research across different topics. And among those given this prestigious opportunity were Chinese speakers.

Here are Chinese TED Talk speakers who have shared relevant perspectives on various topics that can benefit the world:


1. Sebastian Guo

Growing up, Sebastian Guo was exposed to a diverse set of millennial cultures, growing up in China, and moving to the U.S. and Germany. Guo also honed his skills in identifying opportunities in markets around the world from his career as an international marketing intern in the U.S. to his current work in Singapore as a developer of marketing analytics and infrastructure, driving revenue growth across 14 Asian markets. 

His perspective-shifting TED talk, “Why we need to pay attention to Chinese Millennials,” has given people an overview of the significant contributions that Chinese millennials could offer, not just to China, but the entire world. Aside from emphasizing their intelligence and passion, he stated that if Chinese millennials had their own country, they would have the third-largest population in the world since they are well-educated, motivated, and the largest emerging consumer demographic on the planet. He asked, if this were so, why is the business world still obsessed with understanding American millennials?



2. Huang Hung

As a Beijing-based fashion magazine publisher, entrepreneur, blogger, and chief executive of the Chinese Interactive Media Group, Huang Hung has taken China by storm, ultimately becoming the central tastemaker in modern Chinese fashion and popular culture. Being raised and educated between Beijing and New York in the ’70s and ’80s, she possesses an in-depth understanding of American and Chinese culture that has helped her educate people from both countries and bridge the gap. 

In her TED talk, “How American and Chinese values shaped the coronavirus response,” she discussed and emphasized the value of coming together during a pandemic. Although both countries’ reactions to the new safety protocols were taken differently, she talked about why both should learn from each other in order to create a better society and put aside each other’s differences.



3. Angela Wang

Retail expert Angela Wang is a core member of The Boston Consulting Group’s retail sector in Greater China. In the past, she has contributed to a leading Chinese regional retailer’s omnichannel strategy for its grocery and department store businesses. She has also worked with a regional Chinese multi-format retailer on expanding its department, mall, and grocery chains, as well as a Chinese fashion and apparel retailer to grow in multiple categories nationally.

In her TED talk, she emphasized how China is a huge laboratory of innovation. Upon sharing how Chinese consumers regularly make purchases via mobile platforms, even in brick-and-mortar stores, she discussed how China has taken on a flexible and progressive approach to the future of shopping, which the entire world could learn from.



4. Michael Anti

A Chinese journalist and political blogger, Michael Anti (also known as Zhao Jing), is famous for his public posts about freedom of the press in China and his columns in various Chinese and English media outlets.

Despite the control that the central government has over the Internet, Anti disclosed that millions of microbloggers are creating the “first national public sphere in the country’s history”and are shifting the balance of power in unexpected ways. These microbloggers are on sites like Sina Weibo, a freewheeling monitored platform for communication and photo updates, which they turned into a platform for activism and complaints, paving the way for democracy in the future.



5. Yang Lan

Referred to as the “Oprah of China,” Yang Lan is a successful self-made entrepreneur and a well-known figure in Chinese media. She started as a journalist and established the first current-events TV program in China and many other groundbreaking shows. She and her husband created a business empire, Sun Media Investment Holdings, which is considered a pioneer in open communication.  For her TED Talk, she shared insights on the next generation of young Chinese citizens.



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