5 Must-try Chinese-brand drinks to beat the summer heat

Summer is coming in hot as usual this time of year, and once again, you find yourself looking for things to help you cool down while staying under the ever-scorching Philippine sun. But, this time around, why not try something new? 

Did you know that there are Chinese branded drinks you can around find here that can quench and refresh just as well as your go-to drinks can? Available at either e-commerce or select local stores, here is a list of popular Chinese labels in the beverage market you must try out for yourself this summer :


維他 Vita Lemon Tea

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You may have heard about the awesome Vita Lemon Tea at least once or twice from family or friends. More popularly known as VLT, this is said to be a commercial standard for packaged lemon tea in Hong Kong. It achieves such a crisp balance between the sweetness of iced-tea and the sourness of lemon that it serves as an impeccable treat to beat the heat. Because it usually comes in 250mL juice boxes – with one priced at Php22.00 on average – it’s fun to drink on a hot day. Another good thing about the Vita brand is that they also offer low sugar variations of their drinks. So if you want to cool down without the guilt of too much sugar, VLT Low Sugar is an option you can’t miss out on as well. 


愛之味 AGV Grapefruit Green Tea

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Speaking of fruit-tea blends, here’s another tasty drink you might not be familiar with. Taiwanese brand AGV has this thirst-quenching Grapefruit Green Tea that is just the thing you need for relaxing under the sun. And because it usually comes in a 580mL bottle – which is priced at around Php60.00 (based on local retail prices) – you may feel like you’d never run out of something to drink for half a day’s time. Its light taste is perfect to enjoy whether you’re working under the day’s heat or taking a break in the late afternoon. 


名屋 Famous House Peach Milk Drink 

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Now moving over to the more “milky” category, another known Taiwan brand, Famous House, has a delightful milk drink available to those looking for something refreshingly creamy to liven up the coming dog-days. Besides its adorably funny packaging, love for this blend can be attributed to its taste. 

If you try it, you might first think its taste is somewhat akin to that of milk tea, but with a couple more gulps, you may start to sense the soft, fruitiness of peach more and more and notice how it truly goes together with the milk. Priced at approximately Php55.00 per 485mL can, this can be best enjoyed when chilled. So make sure it comes fresh out of the fridge before trying it out.


泰山 Taisun Grass Jelly drink

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In keeping with the category of canned drinks is arguably another fan-favorite, Taisun’s Honey Grass Jelly (or otherwise known as Herbal Jelly drink). Locally, some say it’s the equivalent of our beloved black gulaman dessert. So, in a more “beverage” form, it in of itself can turn into a go-to quencher for any Pinoy – much more a Chinoy – this summer season. If herbal drinks are much more to your liking, then this is a great option for you. One 330mL can of this may be priced at Php25.00.


王老吉 Wang Lao Ji/ Wong Lo Kat

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Last but not the least in this list is one of the top herbal drinks in the Chinese community. This is Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea (alternatively called Wang Lao Ji in Mandarin). In terms of taste, some say it’s a close contender to Taisun Grass Jelly, only sweeter and without the herbal jelly. So don’t be fooled by the brand’s image as an “old people’s drink” (if you do see it that way). Wong Lo Kat is actually for people of all ages to enjoy anytime, anywhere. And when nicely chilled, it can even be a satisfying perk-up to your day. If you decide to get one for yourself, one 310mL can of this costs Php30.00 on average in stores.


So, while spending time under summer sun this year, I hope this list gives you some refreshing ideas on what drinks in the Chinese market will help make the hot days cooler.

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