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5 Must-Watch C-dramas that Will Be Released This January 2021

After finishing off the C-drama 2020 lineup with a bucket of tears last year, are you ready for a whole new  list this 2021? 

Watching Chinese dramas can indeed lift our moods, and amid the pandemic, we just can’t stop watching them! Every episode is a masterpiece and a culmination of hard work of talented actors and actresses.

Here are some dramas that you can add to your list: 

Monarch Industry / The Rebel Princess 上阳赋

Based on the novel by Mei Yu Zhe, this historical drama is about the life of the princess of the imperial family, Wang Xuan, and Xiao Qi who comes from a poor family. They are married first before falling in love with each other. But hurdles threaten to destroy the couple. 

Genre: Historical, Romance, Life, Drama, Politics

Number of episodes: 68

Cast: Zhang Zi Yi, Zhou Yi Wei

The World of Fantasy (Spirit Realm) 灵域

A young man with amnesia and his childhood sweetheart grow up in the spirit domain and embark on a new journey. Together they search for the truth of their life experience and are in pursuit of a higher power while guarding the spirit world.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Number of episodes: 36

Cast: Adam Fan, Cheng Xiao, Li Yi Tong

My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

Adapted from the novel, My Little Happiness 我的小确幸, this is a story of an urban workplace romance of childhood friends who reunite as adults later on. Hoping that Cong Rong  (Fair Xing) can settle down abroad, her mother arranges for her to go out of the country to study economics. But Cong Rong wants to become a lawyer, so she sneaks back into the country and applies to become a legal intern.

Genre: Comedy, Law, Romance

Number of episodes: 40

Cast: Fair Xing, Daddi Tang

The Most Beautiful You in the World 世界上最动听的你

While participating in dubbing work, a journalism student, Yu Huan, and the popular Qiao Yi Bai suddenly cross paths. Later on, the two meet again in their military training class and their sweet and heartwarming love develops from there.  

Genre: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth

Number of episodes: 24

Cast: Hou Dong, Hou Pei Shan


Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光

This inspirational drama follows a singer and a 4th-year computer major, two strangers chasing after their own dreams until their paths collide for a love story for the books. The C-drama is based on the novel, Ming Qiang Yi Duo, An Jian Nan Fang by Qiao Yao.

Genre: Music, Comedy, Romance

Number of Episodes: 35

Cast: Lulu Xu, Lin Yi, Harry Hu


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