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5 popular manhuas you must check out

Webcomics has been widely popular and gaining much attention in recent years. Now, there are different kinds of webcomics in different countries. Manhwas (Korean) and mangas (Japanese) may have been well-loved by readers, but manhuas (漫画) in China have set a high level of standards. Manhuas are read from left to right and the stories are easily understood because they are written in simplified Chinese. 

The manhua craze has even spread internationally that there are translations in different languages for non-Chinese readers. Popular Chinese web novels are often adapted to manhuas which attract even more readers to visualize their favorite characters and scenes. Manhua readers are always enamored by the intricate and colorful art complemented by the well-thought plots and diverse genres. What makes manhuas distinct among the others is the cultural and historical significance put into them. 

It’s not a surprise that there are over 10 million daily active users in Kuaikan Manhua, a popular manhua application. Manhuas have been a recent hit in China that manhua characters have a collaboration between big companies like KFC. Needless to say, its popularity is totally worth the hype with their domination to local and international audiences. 

Here are 5 popular manhuas that you need to check out: 


1. Heaven Official’s Blessing (天官赐福)

Pinyin: Tiān Guān Cì Fú

Author and Artist: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (墨香铜臭), STARmember

Genre Tags: Historical, Xianxia (Major Fantasy), Romance, Danmei (Boys’ Love)

Status: Ongoing

Adapted by the popular novel of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, Xie Lian has ascended again for the third time as a martial and scrap god after 800 years. He didn’t have any followers or prayers dedicated to him. Causing a ruckus in the Heavenly Realm, Xie Lian is tasked to do missions to pay for his debts. He meets Hua Cheng, the notorious and fearsome Ghost King, who disguised himself as a handsome youth to accompany him. In a series of missions and recollection of memories, Xie Lian realizes Hua Cheng’s true feelings that had lasted long for more than 800 years. 


2. Once More (再度与你)

Pinyin: Zài Dù Yǔ Nǐ

Author: Han Xu L-Mo (晗旭L-Mo )

Genre Tags: Modern, School Life, Romance, Drama

Status: Ongoing

Filled with fluff and angst, Once More is about Xun An and Yang Mu Li who had a misunderstanding when they were in high school that caused their relationship to fade away. After seven years, they’re both high school teachers in their school. Xu An is a cold PE teacher while Yang Mu Li is a heartthrob math teacher who didn’t recognize Xu An anymore. As their fates intertwine, the secrets of their past begin to unravel and their relationship begins to blossom. 


3. Sealed Lips (以唇封缄)

Pinyin: Yǐ Chún Fēng Jiān

Author and Artist: Feng Yu Zi Ran (风与自然), Jiu Chuan Dong Man (九川动漫)

Genre Tags: Modern, Reincarnation, Romance, Drama 

Status: Ongoing

Adapted from Feng Yu Zi Ran’s web novel, Shang Zhen lived a terrible life and had faced unfavorable circumstances that caused a painful death in her past life. After being reincarnated, Shang Zhen became a strong woman who wanted to correct and change her new life. She plans to call off her engagement with her cold fiancée who was indifferent to her in her past life. But now, her fiancée wants to continue their relationship that turns into a passionate one.


4. Their Story (她们的故事)

Pinyin: Tā Men De Gù Shì

Author: Mu Xing She (幕星社)

Genre Tags: Modern, Comedy, Slice of Life, Baihe (Girls Love)

Status: Ongoing

Short, sweet, and funny chapters, Their Story brings out a wholesome love story with interesting dynamics of the neighbors and schoolmates Sun Jing and Qiu Tong. Opposites attract, as Sun Jung is a cool basketball player and Qiu Tong is a studious and girly student. The characters’ relationship develops with their encounterments becoming more frequent while they face the challenges of growing up as teenagers. 


5. Unsound Relationship (不健全关系)

Pinyin: Bú Jiàn Quán Guān Xi

Author and Artist: Qiyan (栖砚), Deng Sa (灯萨)

Genre Tags: Horror, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Danmei (Boys’ Love)

Status: Ongoing

With mysterious cases of death, Unsound Relationship keeps your edge of the seat with the bizarre cases and the love-hate relationship between Qian Cuo and Teng Ruiyu. Criminal investigation team leader Qian Cuo and supernatural expert Teng Ruiyu partner up with solving alchemy related crimes. Quan Cuo’s cold and Teng Ruiyu’s hot personalities may clash but their relationship begins to thrive with their compromisation with each other. 

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