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5 Possible reasons why the relationship didn’t work

Oftentimes, the Post Break-Up Blues may suddenly hit you and make you wonder why the relationship didn’t work. Aside from the common reasons why couples usually break-up, there may be other factors why the relationship did not work out. Here are 5 possible reasons why the relationship didn’t work. 


Lack of Time

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Lack of time is often one of the most common possible reasons why relationships don’t work in the long-run. There are a lot of  Chinoys who are goal-oriented, there are times wherein they prioritize this as compared to their relationship. There may also be times wherein their significant other misunderstands this and may think that they are being “selfish” but in reality, they may be doing this for their future.

“Working hard for the future is a good thing but one must also keep in mind to give time for your partner so that they won’t feel left out.” – Nics*


Different Goals

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 Having different goals mean that both of you have different priorities.

“Having a common goal is important in a relationship because both of you would have a common ground or at least make sure that you both understand each other’s goals.” – Tin*

Understanding each other’s goal will also avoid the issue of “Lack of Time” because both of you understand the priorities of each other. Having a talk with your significant other about this will help both of you understand and avoid feeling left out on their plans in life. 



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Parents’ opinions may also be a reason why the relationship didn’t work. Although this may be a rarer case, it can still be considered as one of the possible reasons. It is no secret that some Chinoy parents are strict or have “high standards” when it comes to approving who their child is dating.

“Having a ‘Great Wall’ is one of the examples wherein the parents may have been the reason why the relationship did not get approval.” – Kat*

However, given that we are now in the more “modern” times, parents are starting to become more lenient on who their child is dating as long as they are happy. 


The Difference in Lifestyle

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Another possible reason which may have caused the break-up is due to the difference in lifestyle. Most Chinoys are used to living a simpler life. Having different lifestyles may cause the relationship to end if the couple fails to communicate about this. Talking about this issue will help both of you understand each other’s points of view and reach a compromise. Adjusting to someone else’s lifestyle may be difficult at first but hopefully, both of you will be able to build one wherein each would be comfortable and happy.


Just not Meant to Be

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This is usually the case when no matter how hard the two of you try to make the relationship work, it just isn’t working anymore. When both of you are not meant to be, there will always be a problem or an issue that eventually can’t be resolved. You can’t really fully avoid this issue. The only possible thing to do is to hope that both of you can overcome all challenges together and stay strong up until the very end. 

*Names of the participants have been changed as they request anonymity. 

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