5 Reasons Chinoys Would Fail at Squid Game

In the world of Netflix’s Squid Game, debt-ridden South Korean folks compete in deadly children’s games to win money. With all the hype surrounding the show, it’s only natural to think about whether you’d survive the trials or not. 

However, if you’re a Chinoy, then don’t bother thinking about it because you won’t even pass the entrance act! Not even if the recruiter is as handsome as Gong Yoo:

“Shuaige, why are you trying to put me in debt?”

Here are five reasons Chinoys wouldn’t even make it into the first episode of Squid Game: 

1. Thriftiness

Chinoys are some of the thriftiest people on earth because they are taught from a young age to save everything. From money to water and electricity, they will conserve it to the best of their ability. Every Chinoy household has a designated storage cabinet for plastic bags and cardboard boxes to “be used later.”

They are also known to maximize everything from condiment packets at restaurants to the freebies given out at hotels. Moreover at buffets, Chinoys have a strategic plan to make sure they get the most out of their money. 

If Gong Yoo went up to a Chinoy and asked them to play a game for money, the Chinoy would walk in the opposite direction. 

“Ya gui!” (So expensive!)

Additionally, Chinoys are notorious bargain hunters. Many Chinoys do not buy on Shopee unless the purchase is on a discount day with a free shipping voucher and discount/cashback coupon stacked on top. If something is “ya gui,” Chinoys will not buy it. They will just wait for the item to go on sale, even if it means waiting years. 


2. Your Parents Won’t Let You

“Sha mi squid game squid game? Ki ko tiam!”  What Squid game? Go man the store!

No matter how much money is up for grabs at the games, there’s no way a Chinoy parent would let their child compete! Most Chinoy kids can’t even go to a sleepover or a concert because it’s “not safe.” Imagine running off to a death game? Your parents will find you and ground you first. 

Additionally, Chinoy parents believe in the value of hard-earned money and taught this to their kids. The phrase “opportunity of a lifetime” that the recruiter says would already make most Chinoys suspicious before he can even pitch the game.

The fact that this item is on the list shows how much Chinoy parents love their kids. If there’s one thing Chinoy parents love more than money, it’s definitely their children!

3. Debt Phobia

Since childhood, Chinoys are taught by their parents about the horrors of debt. For some families, they fear debt more than death itself. Why? Because debt can outlive you. 

While this may be an outdated concept, having debt is considered a shameful thing in the Chinoy community. As such, people who have it often hide it, going to great lengths (and even over-compensating) to conceal the fact. 

No matter how much Gong Yoo wants to play for money, Chinoys would think about the risk of debt and run away. Not to say that there are no Chinoys who love gambling or suffer gambling addiction, but it is definitely ingrained in the culture to have a great fear of debt. 

4. Business Mindedness

If Gong Yoo pulls a move from the Kdrama arsenal and grabs your wrist to prevent you from leaving, all is not lost! Chinoys have another trick up their sleeves. He wants to talk about money? Then they’ll talk about money.

“Sir, since you have all that money in your briefcase, let’s not gamble. Gambling is a game of chance and you may not get your return of investment. Why not invest in my business instead? My family business is very profitable and has been for many generations! I could show you our business model and the benefits if you choose to invest.”

Then it’s the recruiter’s turn to receive a sales pitch! That will probably make him leave as he doesn’t want to waste his time moving an immovable object. Since they could talk, Chinoy children have probably already discussed money matters with their parents. That’s where the jokes about the five-year old working the cashier at a Chinese restaurant came from! 


5. Conservativeness

Chinoys are generally quite conservative and do not like being showy or extravagant unless there is a big occasion. Therefore, they do not like to live outside of their means and will not rack up debts. This would lessen the chances of making the mistakes that the protagonists of Squid Game did to rack up so much debt.

That said, the other side must also be discussed. Like Chinese people, Chinoys value the concept of “face” or “honor.” As such, some families feel like they need to keep up with the Joneses and buy new things or have expensive cars/houses. As seen in many Chinoy reunions, the adults like to flex on each other by enumerating their children’s achievements and living situation. 

Conversely, some Chinoys also consider living very simply to be a flex, and that they are on a higher moral plane if they do so. (This is from Buddhism and the idea of having few earthly desires.) Therefore, it would be very difficult to tempt a Chinoy with just the chance of earning a lot of money.

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