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5 Reasons Why Joining Ateneo Celadon Will Be WORTH IT This Year!

It’s once again that time of year when college students of the Ateneo de Manila University join organizations. 

I’m sure a lot have been thinking, “Why join orgs in the first place?”, “What will we even be doing?”, Nasa bahay lang kami ah, so paano na?

Fret not; Ateneo Celadon, the premiere Chinese-Filipino organization of the school, has got you covered. It’s celebrating its 35th founding year, and the thrill is ONLY BEGINNING to heat up.

With that, below are 5 reasons why joining Ateneo Celadon might just be worth trying out this year! 


1) Virtual can still be meaningful

Even if everything will be online, things can still be meaningful. That’s something Celadon strongly believes in. The org is working towards transforming everything that was once onsite — from workshops to leadership development activities — to something that will still be very meaningful online, and it has been going well so far.

A sneak peek: yes, there will be an online Mid-Autumn Festival! It’ll feature prizes, kuwentuhans, and of course, Zoom break out rooms where participants can play the mooncake dice game alongside friends. It’s culture that adapts to the times! 

Speaking of activities and places to go in the org…


2) There’ll be A LOT this school year

By a lot, we mean a lot! Here are just two examples:

Members of the CMD (Corporate Marketing Divisions) Pool will serve as the org’s link to the corporate world, a unique and interesting venture. 

On the other hand, DOCPUB (Documentation and Publications) Staffers will be trained in either their photography, videography, or writing skills. They’ll get the chance to produce content for Elements Magazine, the org’s official publication. Yes, the org has its own publication!

Those are just two out of many options, and members will get the chance to choose where they want to go.

Here’s why that’s important:


3) Opportunities for growth abound in Celadon

The org recognizes that each member is unique in their talents. That’s why there are so many possible ways a Celadonean can help out in a project: from programs to logistics to secretariat to fundraising to documentation… Opportunities are aplenty! Again, members get the chance to choose where they want to go. 

However, because of org work, it also isn’t unheard off for Celadoneans to discover something completely new, too; many times, they discover talents and leadership capabilities they didn’t even know they had! 

Now that we’ve mentioned leadership…


4) Celadon’s leaders are committed to making it a wonderful year

Let’s hear from a few of them:

“I know that my job demands excellence that will not only impress those that came before me, but set the stage for the project managers after me,” says Kyle Andaya, Project Head of Celadon’s annual Valentine’s Rose Sale.

Halle Bata, Andaya’s co-head, said this: “My primary source of motivation… has always been my love for the project. Ever since my first encounter with it, I knew this was truly something special.”

On the other hand: “I also feel that seeing the members of my department enjoy what they do also motivates me,” says Hannah Sy, a vice president in the org.

For Celadon leaders, times do get tough. But what sustains them is this:


5) Celadon is a family 

Celadon is a family that’s open to all; it knows no barriers, builds no walls, and sees no partitions. 

And no matter how difficult org work may get sometimes, hardships become transformative because members grow together. And of course, when they grow and experience everything together, they become family!

Just to end: culture sharing and the desire to achieve great things, both of which are rooted in family, friendship, and camaraderie… THAT is Ateneo Celadon. 

That’s how it’s been for the past 35 years, and that’s what members of the organization can look forward to this school year!


The author of this article: 

An accomplished young Chinese Filipino writer and media personality, Aaron S. Medina is associated with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Ateneo de Manila University Chinese Studies Program, the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies, and CHiNOY TV. He has a passion for truth, justice, and Pokémon, too! Follow him on Facebook:

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