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5 reasons why the cdrama Go Ahead should be in your list

This heartfelt drama will make you cry buckets and get kilig at the same time! The story revolves around three different youths who had no other choice but to be there for each other.

Capturing our hearts with heart-warming family scenes where two fathers raised three kids together. Go Ahead’s storyline has tackled different relatable topics like divorce, single parenting, depression, family to academic problems. To be honest, this is one of the best Asian dramas released this 2020!

Chinese Title: 以家人之名
Number of Episodes: 46

Acting skills are on point

Song Wei Long, Seven Tan, and Steven Zhang are the perfect trio we ever had and definitely, no one can play their roles better than them! It must’ve been awkward for Song Wei Long to act like the oldest among the three when in fact he is the youngest. Seven Tan’s acting is perfect as her role as the youngest and tomboy-ish naughty little sister was very funny. Applause to the fathers who were there for the three and another applause for the mother who got into our nerves for being an evil witch.

The story is the best

There are a lot of ups and downs in the storyline where there are scenes that will make us cry buckets and some so swoon-worthy that even the love story of the father makes us cheer for them. There is also a part where the bond between the siblings is just too innocent and funny at the same time making us cry from laughing.

The OST will make you cry even more

“Goodnight goodbye, my children” from the Chinese OST, 我會守在這裡 hits so hard especially during the episode where the father agreed to let go of Zi Qiu to be with his biological father in Europe. The pain of Li Ba letting go of his son because he believes that he can live a better life is just so heart-breaking.

Blood-related or not, family is family

When Li Jian Jian’s father willingly took He Zi Qiu and raised him as his own, will make us realize that not everyone is as privileged to have a loving family. Li Ba will still take Zi Qiu back even after everything he has done. The children are merely the victims of the problems raised in the story. The three may not be related by blood but their bond as siblings and lovers is extraordinary.

It’s just too relatable

From family to friends, school to work, everything is on point! No words can explain this, just watch it and you will surely not regret it.

This is just the perfect warm, simple family drama everybody asked for!

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